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solutions sorting osx separator series

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sorting solutions The main processing unit, based on the CPU, is multiply tasked. It is used to: Transfer images from the analyzing camera Provide a basic analysis Process advanced electronic filtration Define coordinates of the particles for rejection Calculate the time delay for initiating the rejecting mechanism (pneumatic nozzles or flaps) Operating Principle and Configurations The system consists of three major sections: Vibratory feeder Belt conveyor Optical separation unit. The vibratory feeder provides a uniform particle distribution along the separator width when the processed...

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Optical Sorting - 3

sorting solutions The most important design features of the Comex separator which make this equipment unique are: involving colour, shape, pattern, size, and other physical material characteristics Vibrating feeder for particle dispersion providing good particle distribution Belt conveyor for precise particle trajectory control before separation stage Special belt conveyor design providing stable particle orientation during analysis and separation Advanced image analysis of the separated particles High intensity LED lighting providing reliable and stable light intensity over a long...

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Optical Sorting - 4

Size Ranges and Technical Specifications The optical separation systems can be manufactured in different size ranges. Dimensions of the equipment will mainly depend on the processing capacity. The table below shows the general dimensions of the separation equipment. Typical capacity for particles having 50-250 mm size [t/h] Separator specification data Identyfication function Camera type Scanning principle Progressive scan or line scan Image identification Minimal particle size [mm] Belt velocity [m/s] 1000 15 50-150 600 10 20-80 Transport belt width [mm] 1500 20 80-250 System parameter...

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Optical Sorting - 5

Dimensions and weights of the separation systems H 730 730 730 0.6 1.6 2 G F E D C 2200 2500 3600 Weight B 6650 7050 7650 A 1280 1680 2180 Parameter Unit OSX-600 OSX-1000 OSX-1500 610 610 610 710 710 710 1600 1600 1600 1850 1850 1850 [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [t] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] FRACTION 2 FRACTION 1 FEED INPUT A C D E F G H B sorting solutions

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Optical Sorting - 6

Separation examples of different materials Feldspar particles in size range 25-65 mm Feed Product Waste Calcite particles in size range 65-125 mm Feed Product Waste Applications Research and Development The Comex optical separation equipment has been successfully tested and applied for different materials with varying physical properties. Comex has provided separation systems mainly for separating particles like minerals in connection with their further processing, and for the recycling industry where the high purity of the end product is of critical importance for most successful...

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Feldspar particles in size range 15-30 mm Feed Product Waste Quartz particles in size range 20-50 mm Feed Product Waste Glass (curlets) particles in size range 15-45 mm Feed Product Waste Quartz particles in size range 15-45 mm Feed Product Waste sorting solutions

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Comex AS P.O.Box 53 1309 Rud Norway tel.: +47-93 03 38 25 fax: +47-92 57 36 65 www.comex-group.com e-mail: post@comex-group.com

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