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particle pressure feed particles ground particles compresse! V = f(D, p, n) 镕P=f(tf,p1,p2) ACX 200 classifier Jet mill grinding principle Jet milling is a common grinding method for high value materials. It often concerns materials which are abrasive or when the grinding process has to be carried out under ultra high purity conditions. Extremely low wear rate of the mill parts provides possibilities for new demanding applications. On the other hand, jet milling process requires high energy input, which has to be justified by final product added value. It is therefore of critical importance...

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Comex jet mill Due to the unique construction of the Comex jet mill, high energy efficiency can be achieved. Very prcise nozzle alignment in the grinding chamber and concentrated compressed air streams allow efficient particle accl驩ration and grinding. As the material is ground it is transported to the built-in air classifier. Spcial geometry of the rotor provides very sharp classification. Many producers are often required to make diffrent materials having sp驩cifie shape of the particle size distribution curve. Efficient classification will be of critical importance for such applications....

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jet m Mill size range The Comex jet mills are produced in diffrent sizes. The production capacity of the mill is very much depending on the feed material properties and the final product fineness. Generally, the grinding capacity ranges from 5-800 kg/h for the smallest unit (JMX200) up to 0.3-5 t/h for the largest one (JMX350). The table below shows the range of jet mills including the most important operating and construction parameters. Unit number related to a spcifie jet mill size indicates the internai classifier rotor diameter in mm. JMX 200 is used in pilot plant tests for carrying...

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jet J milling Applications for JMX Comex jet mills have been successfully applied in industrial circuits since 1996 for processing of various materials having diffrent physical properties like: ■ minerai powders ■ abrasives ■ ceramic materials ■ ultra high purity products for microelectronics ■ raw materials for fibre optics ■ chemicals advanced composite materials ■ pigments and dyes Comex jet mills will basically be operated in configuration with compressor, cyclone, filter and fan. In this configuration the ground material from the mill, is transported pneumatically to the cyclone...

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jet m Example of product size vs. throughput from 0.3 mm SiC material ground using JMX-200 mill. E (A (/) CD C CD C 100 ras 7 D5 3 30 10 o D O 10 30 Milling capacity [kg/h] 100 Parallel jet mill opration allows the use of a common filter and fan unit thus reducing investment and operating cost. Additionally, finer material can be produced as the smaller size classifier rotors, which are build in the jet mill units, provide finer particles. Finally, higher production flexibility can be achieved with the parallel jet mill configuration thus reducing unnecessary maintenance downtime for...

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jet J millina Typical jet mill plant configuration main Jet mill plant configuration example when the fines are removed from the main product Comex

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Comex AS P.O.Box 53 1309 Rud Norway tel: +47-93 03 38 25 fax: +47-92 57 36 65 e-mail:

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