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air classification UCX air classifier series

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The process of air classification is of critical importance for many grinding operations. Generally the overall energy consumption for grinding can be reduced drastically provided classification efficiency is high. Furthermore production capacity can be significantly increased. For many applications this is even more important than energy savings. When the purpose of air classification is to produce different size fractions without grinding, high efficiency will be even more important in order to provide products of required particle size distribution. The Comex UCX series air classifier...

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air classification In the UCX air classifier the feed material enters the classifier unit mixed with the air stream by a tangential inlet at the top part of the classifier. In this area the feed material is well dispersed in the air. At this stage the first classification step takes place around the upper part of the rotor where very fine particles are removed from the feed material within relatively short time period. The coarse particles and those which are slightly finer than the cut point are forced to flow through the narrow opening between the rotor and the static blades. Behind those...

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air classification High classification efficiency Large processing capacity from smaller units Ultra-fine cut size down to d97 of 1.5 microns High efficiency in very wide product range from 1.5 to 300 microns Low pressure loss and power requirement Low wear rate of the moving parts Reduced maintenance and operating cost Size range Comex UCX air classifiers have different rotor sizes, ranging from 200 mm diameter up to 1700 mm diameter. Production capacity ranges from 1200 kg/h to 100 t/h. Tables below show the range of classifiers including the most important operating and construction...

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air classification Rubber lined UCX 350 rotor Energy saving potential UCX air classifier provides high classification efficiency and simultaneously gives a very low pressure loss during operation. This is of critical importance when the overall energy for material processing is considered. Application of the UCX classifiers in many industrial grinding circuits provided significant benefits in form of reduced specific energy and increased production capacity. In some cases up to 80% increased capacity has been reported after replacing old air classifiers with the ComexUCXunits. Applications...

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air classification air classifier optional cyclone filter feeder high intensity mill ball mill air swept mill grate-discharge mill autogenous mill fan filter product cyclone product coarse fraction secondary air A secondary air B Typical air classification configuration with grinding equipment secondary air A air classifier optional cyclone coarse fraction feeder fan filter filter product cyclone product secondary air B Typical air classification configuration

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Comex AS P.O.Box 53 1309 Rud Norway tel.: +47-93 03 38 25 fax: +47-92 57 36 65 e-mail:

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