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Air Classification - AXC Series - 1

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 2

Classifier cross section The air classification process is of critical importance for many grinding operations. In general, the overall energy consumption for grinding can be reduced drastically, if classification efficiency is high. Furthermore, the production capacity can be significantly increased, which for many applications is even more important than energy savings. When air classification is only considered to produce different size fractions without grinding, high efficiency will be even more important to provide products of required particle size distribution. Often, different size...

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 3

The fine particles are swept up towards the classifying rotor, while the coarse material is discharged from the classifier, by gravity, through the coarse fraction outlet. The finer fractions presented to the classifying rotor, are selected or rejected according to the resultant of a positive air drag force opposing a negative rejecting centrifugal force, developed from the rotor speed. The selected fine fraction flows through the rotor and is discharged from the classifier through the air outlet, together with the air flow. The fine fraction is separated from the air in a downstream...

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 4

Tables below show the range of classifiers pilot plants, for carrying out small scale including the most important operating and investigations, or for classifying the finest of construction parameters. The ACX 200 is used in products.

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 5

Energy saving potential Due to it's unique design, the Comex air classifier provides high classification efficiency and simultaneously gives a very low pressure loss during operation. This is of critical importance when the overall energy for material processing is considered. In some applications for industrial minerals, the Comex classifiers provided a production increase of 80 - 120 % after replacing older classifiers. The table below shows some examples of material processing using Comex air classifiers. Considering closed circuit grinding when the air classifier is used together with...

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 6

Configuration of the air classification circuit Example of the multiple size production plant Comex air classifiers can be applied to processing of various materials having different physical properties. High classification efficiency can be obtained with materials that are difficult to disperse. Furthermore, thanks to its unique construction and thus low wear rate of moving parts, this type of classifier provides a high application potential for processing abrasive materials and high purity products. The ACX classifiers were successfully tested and applied ■ fillers for paper, rubber,...

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 7

related to particle separation where the feed material is to be classified into coarse and fine fractions. The main advantage of the efficient classification process is then expressed in the particle size distribution of the coarse fraction being free from the fine grains. High recovery of the fine stream is another important parameter being critical for the production rate of a circuit. The second basic classifier configuration is related to the closed circuit grinding with milling equipment. Comex air classifiers are often used in grinding circuits where their high classification...

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Air Classification - AXC Series - 8


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