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Counterweight System - 1

CoUNTeRWeiGhT sysTem Rapid, versatile, freestanding edge protection for flat roof construction and renovation projects. Uses a secure counterweight system. This innovative design provides quick and easy installation, no heavy lifting and good access to the work surface. 11169 CBS Counterweight 4pp Flyer (8) GW.indd 2

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Counterweight System - 2

CoUNTeRWeiGhT sysTem The new Counterweight System from Combisafe is a versatile, easy-to-install solution for temporary edge protection without mechanical anchors on flat roofing. Made of galvanised steel for maximum durability, it uses a lever arm and counterweight assembly to provide protection to EN 13374 A, while offering easy access to the roof deck for construction and renovation teams. unique features: • Fast and easy to install with no specialist tools needed • Specially designed ergonomic trolley for installing counterweights • Lever arm can be installed in 2 different positions:...

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Counterweight System - 3

fiXiNGs aND sysTem ComPoNeNTs Weight Pack – 11310, 48kg includes 3 x 15kg rubber weights and a weight holder. each weight is made of recycled rubber for durability and protection of roof membrane. Unlike concrete weights, rubber will not chip or flake, guaranteeing accuracy in weight calculations and system performance. Lever Arm – 11317, 10.1kg Can be fitted as a raised support for access to roof deck, or at deck level for greater strength and easier passage for workers along roof edge line. may be moved sideways with weight still attached using trolley, or detached from weight and swung...

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Counterweight System - 4

CoUNTeRWeiGhT sysTem aPPLiCaTioNs The Counterweight system is the ideal choice for flat roofing projects where there is a need to avoid mechanical anchors that may penetrate and compromise membranes and roof structures. its versatile configuration allows for a raised support system that makes roof surfaces accessible up to the roof edge line; or a floor level support format that provides easier passage for people and materials and the option to raise lever arms one at a time to work on the roof area beneath. iNsTaLLiNG Combisafe CoUNTeRWeiGhT (where access is needed below lever arm)* Load...

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