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Edge Protection Systems Engineered to protect, designed to adapt Civil Engineering Smarter Edge Protection

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EDGE PROTECTION SYSTEMS FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING SAFETY AND EASE OF INSTALLATION One of the key sectors in the construction industry, civil engineering is an important area of investment for governments wishing to stimulate future growth. Below are the three attachments from the Combisafe range most commonly used in civils construction. Please see the chart below for further options. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us directly as we are sure to have a solution that will meet That means the instigation of more and more major infrastructure projects over the your needs. next...

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CASE STUDIES Pont de la Caille Project: Pont de la Caille, Allonzier-La-Caille, France Client: Le conseil Général de Haute Savoie Contractor: DV Construction and VSL, Bouygues Construction France Products: Steel Mesh Barriers S-System, Steel Mesh Barrier Make-up, Posts and Site Stairways The 150m high bridge Pont de la Caille that joins Cruseilles to AllonzierLa-Caille was renovated in 2010. During renovation, a collective fall prevention system was required which was quick and easy to erect and could withstand high wind loads, and contain debris. The contractors DV Construction and VSL...

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