Top-hat temp. transmitter TTP22


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• Programmable loop-powered Pt100 transmitter • For mounting in sensor head type B • Consumption 4-20 mA, equivalent to temperature input For 2,3 or 4 wire sensors • Made in accordance with CE and EMC regulations C-mac temperature transmitter type TTP22 is designed for standard sensor head, type B. The transmitter, which must be connected to a Pt100 sensor element, is loop-powered, which means the current consumption is proportional with the temperature at the Pt100 sensor. The transmitter is universal and can be programed for 2, 3 or 4 wire connections, covering a temperature range from -200 to 850°C By means of a programming unit it is also possible to program the transmitter yourself. Technical data: 2, 3 or 4-wire Pt100 DIN 43760 Current consumption 4-20 mA, proportional with the actual temperature at the Pt100 sensor. Short circuit: typ. 3,5 mA Breakage: typ: 23 mA Metering input: Output: Cable fault: Supply voltage: Voltage drop: Temperature stability: span <100°C: span 100°C: Operation temp.: Dimensions: Connection example:

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