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Phase sequence relay RP32 3-phase phase sequence / phase breaking module Monitors correct phase sequence Secures against phase breaking 1- or 2-pole relay output AC supply voltages up to 3 x 415 VAC Made in accordance with the and EMC regulations The C-mac® module type RP32 meters its own 3-phase Connections RP32: supply voltage, and checks that all 3 phases are present L1 and the phase sequence is correct, and in that case the output relay is activated. The module is suitable for the monitoring of motors, as it 5 ensures correct rotation, and in case of a missin phase the 4 relay releases, provided that the possible regenerated voltage from the motor is below the fixed minimum limits.. 3 The module can be used both with and without neutral, 2 but with neutral the unit is most sensitive. Technical data: Supply voltage: Supply frequency: Power consumption: Operation temp.: Humidity: Hysteresis: Reaction delay: Indications: Green LED: Red LED: Max. load, relay: 3 x 230 V +/- 15% 3 x 400 V +/- 15% 3 x 415 V +/- 15% 50-60 Hz 2,5 VA -20°C to +60°C 0 - 90% RH, non-condensing 2% of the nominal supply. approx. 0,2 sec. Supply voltage connected Relay aktive 1-pole: 8 A - 250 VAC 2-pole: 5 A - 250 VAC (RP32.1), ohmic load EMC and safety regulations. Emmision: EN 50 081 - 1 Immunity: EN 50 082 - 2 Safety: EN 60 730 Approvals: The units are produced in accordance with the CE og low voltage regulations. Sensitivity: If the unit is connected to 3 phases with neutral, the relay will release, if one or more of the phase-neutral voltages is lower than 75-85% of the nominal voltage. If the unit is connected to 3 phases without neutral, the relay will release, if one or more of the phase-phase voltages is lower than 60-70% of the nominal voltage Ordering guide RP32: Supply 3 x 230 V (phase-phase) 3 x 400 V (phase-phase) 3 x 415 V (phase-phase) Ordering guide RP32.1: Supply 3 x 230 V (phase-phase) 3 x 400 V (phase-phase) 3 x 415 V (phase-phase) x = output relay: 1 = 1-pole 2 = 2-pole Materials and weight:

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