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4 digit panel instrument DM400 Programmable panel instrument Current, voltage or temperature indication Programmable range, function and setpoints Galvanic isolation between supply and internal electronics Made in accordance with the C€ and EMC regulations DMC400 and DMT400 are 4-digit panel instruments, which in addition to metering display can be programmed with 2 setpoints and time-delay. DMC400 is available in several variants for indication of current and voltage, and display range as well as setpoints and time-delays are programmable. DMT400 is made for temperature metering, and it is available in several variants for either Pt100 or thermocouple sensors. On the DMT-units it is not possible to adjust the display range, but set-points and reaction-delays are programmable. Connections, inputs: Technical data: Supply voltage: Power consumption: Operating temp.: Humidity: Protection: 12-48 VAC/DC 24,120 or 230 VAC The supply voltage is galvanically isolated from the internal electronics. (test voltage 4 kV AC) 2 VA -10°C to +50°C 0 - 90% RH, non-condensing IP 54 Connections, supply and relays: Temp.coefficient: Metering ranges: Programmations: Display reading: Decimal point: Relay function: Hysteresis: Time delay: max. 0,01%/°C see ordering guide. -1999 to +1999 (only DMC400). after 1., 2., 3. or 4. digit. 2 off SPDT. programmable, relating to setpoint. relay function, 0,1 to 10 sec. See detailed users guide for further informations. Digit height: Input impedances: Accuracy: DMC400: DMT400: 14 mm. see ordering guide AC: 0,3% of the range +/- 1 DC: 0,1% of the range +/- 1 0,1% of the range +/- 1 Ordering guide, DMC400: DMC400-aaa-b aaa = supply, see above Mech. dimensions: LxWxD: Panel cut-out: Weight: Materials: Connections: in accordance with DIN 43700 48 x 96 x 105 mm. 43 x 91 mm. 350 g. NORYL, SE1 screw terminals, max. 1,5 □ mm. (fComadan WE RREINEDNTROL b = metering rangeinput impedance 10 = 4-20 mA/2-10 V I: 500 V: 500kO 11 = 0/4-20 mA / 0/2-10V I: 500 V: 500k0 12 = 0-200 mA DC 5 O

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