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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 1


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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 2

Advanced optic system, a remarkable difference. The industry-leading manufacturer, Huvitz, presents a high quality, world-class optic system applied slit lamp series manufactured based on information and experience within the market. The slit lamp is manufactured beyond the industry standard.

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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 3

HUVITZ SLIT LAMP HS-7000 / HS-7500 Ultra high end optic system chosen by experienced industry professionals: HS-7000 and HS-7500 MAGNIFICATION CONTROL SYSTEM With the global standard Galilean converging binocular type optic system, the Huvitz high end slit lamp series offers a wider angle, live image and increased accuracy. In conclusion, this slit lamp series offers a better and more successful diagnosis. We invite you to compare our slit lamp series with the competitors analyzing color aberration; view angle and image color clarity. The five-position drum-style magnification changer...

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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 4

HUVITZ SLIT LAMP HS-5500 / HS-5000 See the difference by looking through the Huvitz Slit Lamp chosen by opinion leaders in the industry: HS-5000 and HS-5500 MAGNIFICATION CONTROL SYSTEM The light source is a 12-volt, 30-watt high luminance halogen lamp that provides incredible clarity in both the Tower Illumination and Integrated Illumination type slit lamps. The five-position drum-style magnification changer provides a wide range of magnification from 6x to 40x easily accessible by rotating the drum. The design of this system and the uniquely designed Huvitz optic system allows you to...

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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 5

HUVITZ IMAGING SYSTEM HIS-5000 From diagnosis and patient data management to presentation and image processing: the complete kit of user-friendly image management system PATIENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT QUICK IMAGE & VIDEO SAVING MS Access Database system allows you to search symptoms, diagnosed information, and related contents. You can also easily manage data and history of patients. High performance progressive scan CCD camera provides quick image capture of diagnosed images and videos in real time with a simple click on joystick button. INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE POWERFUL IMAGE PROCESSING...

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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 6

HUVITZ QUALITY, HUVITZ STANDARD Tens of thousands of repeated electro-mechanical tests and highest international standards ensure Huvitz slit lamps’ quality and durability. HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS DURABILITY ACHIEVED AFTER EXTREME TESTS From the design and production process, all Huvitz product goals are made to be durable in extreme conditions. All the Huvitz slit lamps’ modules and joints are designed after tens of thousands of repeated operation tests to ensure long life time usage. SMOOTH AND EASY PRECISION MOVEMENT Smooth and precise movements of all operation knobs and joystick factor...

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Slit Lamp 7000 Series - 7

Slit length(mm) SLIT ILLUMINATION Slit width(mm) Slit projection Aperture diaphragms Cobalt blue, Red-free, Grey, Heat absorption and Yellow Slit rotation PATIENT’S EYE / PRISM Surface working distance Galilean converging binocular 5 position rotating drum Total magnifications Real fields of view (mm) Interpupilary adjustment Vertical movement Longitudinal movement Lateral movement Fine base Power supply BASE Voltage frequency Power consumption Instrument voltage Halogen bulb Fixation point bulb Image sensor Image size Cell size Resolution depth Transmit method DIGITAL CAMERA Type...

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