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• Ideal for small to medium sized Labs • Based on the proven SGX PLus Platform Design • Process Trivex, CR39®, hi-index, and polycarbonate • Modern Electronics with the ability to utilize USB • Modern user interface - including touch screen • Single part number upgrade kit to convert a 230 volt TOUCH SCREEN USER INTERFACE Upgrade kit includes a standalone tower connected HIGH INDEX LENSES CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS:

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Continuing with its great reputation, the SGX Pro provides progressive Labs around the world with proven, high performance cutting technology for CR39®. hi-index, and polycarbonate lenses. Based on the SGX Plus Platform design, the SGX Pro Surface Generator is equipped with new electronics operating on a Windows 7 platform. Its user interface has been upgraded and includes a touch TOUCH SCREEN screen monitor. Coburn provides a SGX Pro Upgrade kit for USER INTERFACE SGX p^us users looking to modernize their equipment. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS:

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