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OAC series - 1

"LENS COATING SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE" • High performance coatings that match the leading coating brands from standard AR • The world's first user friendly AR coating software and Coburn's new '10 simple steps to perfect AR' make each of the systems easy to operate and maintain • Automated AR processes developed to yield the greatest balance of AR coating features • Four models and several configuration options to meet the needs of retail AR to the highest volume, most demanding AR coating environments The world's first retail true vacuum deposition coating system designed specifically for retail / lower volume environments with compact footprint, flexible and fast cycle time, and easy to run push-button operation

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OAC series - 2

PROCESSING BLOCKING NERATING FINING. Anti-reflective coating made easy The OAC series of AR coating systems from Coburn Technologies have been developed to take the mystery out of the coating process and to automate the science of AR. Now virtually anyone can get into the AR business and benefit from its profitability without the mystery, confusion, extensive maintenance, or concern. A range of AR processes are available at the touch of a button, with software that is so easy to use an inexperienced operator can run perfect AR in 10 simple steps. Every Coburn AR system is installed ready to...

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