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The Exxpert system is the next generation of Coburn Technologies Excelon series. An all-inclusive, high-performance solution, Exxpert has been designed to offer a wide array of features desired for in-house lens nishing. This series offers the largest selection of specialized and common bevel options in its class, and includes high-speed milling, drilling, realtime lens analysis, precise bevel adjustment, outstanding polish quality and all the best features of the Excelon series. MIX AND MATCH Both the Exxpert and Excelon series of products utilize Coburn’s Modular Design and are compatible...

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The Excelon series provides the versatility and efciency that today’s retail practices require. All the nishing processes, tracing to edging, are fully optimized with Digital Pattern Layout to modify shape width, height, and circumference to manage frame tting challenges with ease. Each system features advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology and all Drilling, Beveling, Polishing, Grooving, & Safety Beveling are completely integrated for simple push-button performance. 3 YEAR WARRANTY Both the Exxpert and Excelon series of products come with a comprehensive standard 3 year warranty so you...

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performance solution that offers the largest selection bevel options in its class The Exxpert 8000 series seamlessly finishes plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® and offers the widest range of bevel options available. With accelerated long-life milling technology super hydrophobic axis twisting is eliminated, and with the optional drill unit, virtually any lens shape or hole pattern is possible. integrated, accelerated long-life milling technology to eliminate axis twisting Widest range of bevel options available including Standard, Mini Bevel, Asymmetric, Semi U, and customizable...

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Dual Feelers for Fast and Accurate Lens Reading Accelerated Long-Life Milling Graphical Interface COMPACT FOOTPRINT Standard Bevel Mini Bevel Asymmetric Bevel Hybrid Grooving and Beveling Combined Exxpert 8000 Edger with Drill Unit

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AUTOMATIC TRACER-BLOCKER Smart Job Management software allows you to process 4 jobs at the same time when combined with Exxpert edger and drill unit A one-stop solution, combining the functions of a tracer, lensmeter, and auto blocker in one powerful machine. Fully automated lens centering and blocking at the push of a button. Just place the lens in position and the HAB-8000 will do the rest. nstant automatic lens recognition ntegrated high performance lensmeter for accurate reading of SPH, CYL, and AXIS Lenses displayed on screen by 1:1 ratio in real time and size Digital Pattern Layout...

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DRILLING UNIT & TRACER Superior performance and ease-of-use • New systematic data profiling algorithm significantly reduces job processing time • Process and cut your next lens while drilling is in process with Smart Job Manager software • Automatic Door Safety Sensor will not allow the unit door to close until hands are clear during loading and unloading of lenses • Sleek design allows for a smaller footprint • Removable waste drawer keeps the working enviroment clean Fully automatic 3-Dimensional tracing • Stereoscopic scan technology provides accurate tracing of high curve frames • Fast...

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"I didn't have time to drill less than a minute or two Excelon user from Clifton, N) The Excelon 7000 series edges all lens materials including glass, plastic, hi-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex® as well as edge polish bevels and flats with unmatched speed and accuracy. The optional 3-Dimensional drill makes it possible to create virtually any lens hole you need, with simple drag and drop options via the integrated user friendly touch screen. User friendly touch screen and graphical interface make processing easy for all operator skill levels ntegrated drill module provides fast and...

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Dual Feelers for Fast and Accurate Lens Reading Integrated Drill Module Graphical Interface Glass Roughing Wheel Plastic Roughing Wheel Finish Wheel Polish Wheel Compatible with Exxpert Series Automatic Tracer-Blocker (Also available in white)

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"For the price, you can't beat it It's half the price I paid for my other edger and it performs Excelon user from Braintree, MA The Excelon 4000 series provides the versatility and efficiency that today's retail practices require. All the finishing processes, tracing to edging, are fully optimized with advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology optimizing productivity and efficiency. Beveling, Polishing, Grooving and Safety Beveling processes are completely integrated and easily performed by a simple touch of a button. Digital Pattern Layout allows users to modify shape width, height, and...

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BLOCKERS & TRACERS "TTie machines have done just what we needed, and we have done all kinds of jobs... Single vision, flat top bifocals, progressive, polycarbonate, lenses withAR coats" Excelon user from Visalia, CA HBK-7000 SMART SEMI-MANUAL BLOCKER Easy touch performance and ease-of-use • Intuitive and well-arranged graphic icons • Touch screen • Auto-balancing lens support and lens holder • Lens, frame or job storage by using SD card slot • LED lamp provides ample illumination Fully automatic 3-Dimensional tracing • Automatic initialization • Fast and adaptable tracing for all frame...

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"We were up and running the first day the Excelon was delivered. The graphics make jobs really simple. Push a button Excelon user from Montebello, CA The 3000 EZ Series is a cost-effective and compact finishing system that integrates edging, blocking and tracing for ease of use. The system's graphical display guides you through easier handling from the beginning to the end of edging processes to reduce non-value added steps and deliver high quality lenses at the lowest cost of ownership. The one-body combined tracer and blocker provides various functions in a smaller and more convenient...

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AUTOMATIC DIGITAL LENSMETER MEASUREMENT MODES Sampling Speed Measurable Diameter Contact Lens ABBE Values MEASUREMENT RANGE Sphere Power Cylinder Power Cylinder Axis Prism Power The HLM-7000 lensmeter is the perfect addition to any Exxpert or Excelon system. Progressive lenses are detected with ease, and far or near sight addition is automatically calculated with precision and speed. It can simultaneously capture the PD of frames and power of lens with high fidelity. Other features include exact UV assessments, dark sunglasses mode and a built-in printer. 2 Year Standard Warranty Advanced...

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