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LOCKING SYSTE "NEXT GENERATION ALLOY-FREE TECHNOLOGY" Reusable & Machinable, Non-Alloy, Non-Wax, Lightweight Blocking Material Non-Toxic with no lead, cadmium, or indium ■Alloy-like results with a lower cost material ■ Greatest possible lens alignment available ■ Completely wax-free and residue-free ■ The fastest, easiest and least expensive reclaim and clean up process available ■ No waste water management costs ■ Compatible with free-form lens processes ■ Compatible with lens coating processing ■ Fully supported lens diameter for accurate

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Designed for free-form, digital, and traditional lens processing, the E2G eliminates the need for alloy. Based upon the proven technology of the Eclipse platform, the E2G features one-touch blocking, automatic block and lens detection, full diameter blocking, along with other user-friendly features including the most accurate surface blocking lens alignment available. Using edge-to-edge technology eliminates lens flexure or chatter, resulting in superior lens quality. The E2G blocking system consists of a surface blocker, scallop surface blocks, a deblocker, and a proprietary...

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