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Diagnostics - 2

Digital Refraction System p. 2 Auto Ref-Keratometer p. 8-9 Advanced Refraction Table p. 3 Digital Lensmeter p. 10-11 Compact Instrument Table p. 3 Slit Lamp Series p. 12-13 Digital Refractor p. 4-5 Slit Lamp Options p. 14 Digital Charts p. 6-7 Digital Projector p. 15

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Diagnostics - 3

ADVANCED REFRACTION TABLE HANDLE DESIGN Ergonomic design with unique handle mechanism to facilitate the movement of upper table with extreme ease, 45 degree soft movement and multi sequence adjustment will patient comfortably. Table Size Table Rotating Angle Head Stroke Power Arm Up-Down Range ± 100mm Chair Up-Down Range Power Supply Power Consumption Up & Down feature is added in order to provide convenience for measuring position of patient's Visible location of keypads enables you to control the power arm and chair precisely with STRUMENT TABLE Power Supply Travel Length Same as above...

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Diagnostics - 5

DIGITAL REFRACTOR Various charts and tests 18 visual acuity test charts, 26 vision test charts, and up to 35 user defined unit test charts support the most advanced eye test process. Dual cross cylinder lens Dual cross cylinder lens supports fast and convenient astigmatic test. Automatic occlusion Automatic occlusion function assists precise and comfortable astigmatic test by preventing accommodation while the lens is rotating over 45 degrees or test mode is changing. Automatic convergence During presbyopic test or near vision acuity test, automatic convergence function makes an examinee to...

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Diagnostics - 6

DIGITAL CHARTS High Resolution 24" LCD Chart This high resolution (1,920x1,080 pixels) 24" Color TFT-LCD with polarized panel supports more precise visual acuity testing. The white background with a brightness of 300cd/m2 will help carry out even more precise and efficient visual acuity testing. Polarized Charts and Stereoscopic Vision Test Several types of visual acuity and function tests are provided including the binocular balance test, stereoscopic vision test and heterophoria / heterotropia tests by the use of this state of the art technology with the polarized LCD panel. Comprehensive...

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Diagnostics - 7

Various Types of Standard Visual Acuity Charts The more than 100 various charts for the HDC-9OQ0N/PF support al! manner of tests for visual acuity and visual function. Standard charts include tests such as Letter, Number, Landolt C, Snellen E, Children chart and other specialty charts as well. Polarized Charts and Functional Charts HDC-9000N/PF provides a variety of polarized charts that can be applied to many types of tests using the Cross Cylinder, Red/Green, Polarization and other special lenses such as the Binocular Vision Test, Stereoscopic Vision Test, Heterophoria / Heterotropia...

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Diagnostics - 9

AUTO REF-KERATOMETE Optimized Optical System Wavefront Technology measures the wavefront of light reflected from the retina and the refractive power with various sensors divided by sectors and analyzes them with extreme Micro Lens Array Huvitz' own developed Micro Lens Array creates a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information of the customer's ocular system. Customized Lens Manufacturing High order aberration and Zernike map data output function allow premium custom spectacle or contact lens manufacturers to improves vision accuracy and power. More...

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Diagnostics - 11

DIGITAL LENSMETER More Efficient The advanced algorithm helps to near sight addition with improved Wide Measurement Range The extensive diopter measurement ability to measure wide range of tenses. Additional Prism Display Mode Now with an additional prism mode, you have a choice of Fwe or Ten Prism Display. For high prism, you may choose the Ten prism mode to get the status of a wide area and for normal and low prism, you may use the Five prism display mode. Dark Sunglasses Mode You can measure dark sunglasses better by using Dark Sunglasses Mode. The built-in PD sensor enables to measure...

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Diagnostics - 13

SLIT LAMP SERIES Blue liher ETC Ration jiar control Centering sreff SlfifBO mocscBpe OPTION: PC. Table Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement. The slit lamps are offered in the Tower Illumination type (HS-7000) and the Integrated Illumination type (HS-7500) slit lamp models. Both types are designed in the industry standard type models used tor their proven accuracy and reliability.

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Diagnostics - 14

Brighter imaging. Sharper pictures. DIGITAL CAMERA • Upgraded 10M Pixel Camera - improved implementation of high-resolution images • USB Port - HD image processing by easy connecting • Easy fine-tune of the focus adjustment control (Focusing) • New SAW Upgrade - more precise measurements (length, width, etc.) • The Compact and modern design Image sensor Cell size Transmit method Transmit speed Frame rate Lens mount DSLR ADAPTER • 18M-22M pixel of high-resolution images (Only Canon available) • Binocular field of view can be switched • Easy fine-tune of the focus adjustment control...

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Diagnostics - 15

Chart 41 charts 34 masks, Red/Green & Polarization Filters Chart Rotation Speed Average 0.15 sec Power Saving 2 programs with a maximum of 30 charts each Tilt Angle Power Supply Designs and details can be changed without prior notice for the purposes of improvement. ■ Semi-permanent lifetime LED light source ■ Brighter and clearer than conventional bulb light ■ Attractive Streamlined Shape and Blue Indicator

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Diagnostics - 16

Wavefront Technology Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, HRK-8000A is based on Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, which analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a patients, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map. The new HRK-8000A utilizes a unique wavefront analysis algorithm and surpasses conventional and simple refraction offering added values with high order aberration data output for customized lenses and observation of patients before and after refractive surgery. (See more on pg. 8-9) Your...

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