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In January 2011, Gerber Coburn became Coburn Technologies; the world’s leading US based manufacturer of complete lens making goods and services for the industry. Once again an independent company focused exclusively on the ophthalmic market. Built on the company founded in 1954, the Coburn commitment is to provide you with unmatched service and support for the equipment and supplies in your lab. A History of Innovation and Trust For almost 60 years the Coburn name has supplied optical labs with products and services that have literally invented the lab-production methods we use today. With...

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THE COMPLETE PACKAGE Coburn is the world leading US based manufacturer of complete ophthalmic lens processing systems which includes designing, manufacturing, and servicing the equipment and supplies used in all aspects ophthalmic production; from surfacing prescriptions, to coating and nishing lenses to t into patient frames. This means all equipment and supplies are designed, tested and guaranteed to work together for optimum performance and available from one convenient source; Coburn. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Customers can count on solid application support, eld service, specialized...

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FINING PADS SAPPHIRE - ALL MATERIAL (1 STEP) The Sapphire pad processes all lens materials including Polycarbonate, CR-39, Hi-Index and Mid-Index allowing you to reduce your pad inventory and simplify the fining process. • Available in all standard sizes • Aluminum Oxide pad materia • Processes all lens materials (except glass) Provides rapid stock removal with uniform and dependable lens surface quality • Lens Type: Polycarbonate • Pad Material: Aluminum Oxide Delivers greater cutting energy for more consistent fining results lens to lens • Lens Type: Polycarbonate • Pad Material: Aluminum...

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HONEYFINE 1200 (DUAL PURPOSE) Time-tested material combination for multiple fining applications: Use as 1 -STEP for processing CR or Hi-Index lens materials Use as 2nd FINE for Polycarbonate lens materials Pair with one of these pads for a superior 2-Step Fining System • Lens Type: Polycarbonate • Pad Material: Silicon Carbide POLYFINE PLUS (1st Fine) • Lens Type: Polycarbonate • Pad Material: Silicon Carbide More aggressive alternative for use in the Polyfine and Polyfine Plus polishing system above • Lens Type: Polycarbonate • Pad Material: Silicon Carbide Economical pad that provides...

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A-MAZEN HD - ALL MATERIAL #312739 - 3” PULL TAB, 7 PETAL (250 ROLL) The unique dimples give you a superior nish by allowing the polish to stay on the lens where the work is being done. A-MAZEN material is environmentally friendly and coated with a low-tack natural rubber pressure sensitive adhesive with residue free removal. “The A-MAZEN HD pad has really improved the quality of our nished product. I feel the dimpled effect on the pad allows it to hold more polish, leading to an improved nal product. The clarity improvement is visible to the naked eye.” - Lead Tech VISN Optical Lab #282349...

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LAPS & TOOLS HYPERFLEX ENDURO - DIGITAL TOOLS Longest lasting, best performing soft tools for CCP Series of polishers. Lowest possible cost per lens in polishing tools with reduced breakage caused by tool failure, slippage and drop off. Uses innovative HyperFlex design and the latest in tool material technology to provide highly accurate, long-lasting digital polishing. • Dual stage tool for increased flexibility and greater lens support • Chemical resistant foam that reduces chemical erosion of tool • SecureFit base lock connection to spindle for tighter, stronger fit and less tool...

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POLISH & CHEMICALS DIGI-SHEEN PRO - DIGITAL POLISH For use in both Digital and Conventional polishers! Get better results and excellent surface finish on all lenses requiring back side hard coat and / or an anti-reflection application with this low-viscosity formulation with excellent suspension. Non-corrosive formula for lower impact on equipment. Ideal for use with most digital soft-tool laps. Uses Permanent Suspension Technology providing 100% continuous particle suspension for higher luster in less time. SUPER PLASTI-SHEEN® VAL-U-PLUS Rapid stock removal rate and economical Stock...

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COBURN SATINAL® 774 POLISH 774 Polish offers a formulation with a unique mix of antifoam, suspension agents and other additives unlike any product chemistry on the market today. 774 minimizes surface roughness while maximizing material removal. Suitable for all materials and for A/R and hard coated lenses. Slurries of this formula will provide rapid stock removal and very good surface finish on all types of lens materials FREEWASH Additive Assists in the removal of wax or thermo- plastic blocking compound, polishing DRYWASH Additive DryWash Additive is a time-tested pre- mixed solution...

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COATING & TINTS UV-MAXQT LENS COATING Fast curing, durable coating features excellent adhesion, low viscosity, great coating stability and a special bonding chemical formulation and unique UV/thermal hybrid chemistry. Optimized with HCLT (Hybrid Cross Linking Technology) which ensures the better coating adhesion, abrasion and yields and tintability. • Customers report an average yield rate of up to 98% • Highest level of adhesion available for spin coating • Simple change-over from existing coating • No volatile solvents for safe shipping • Complete service including parts, technical...

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PREMIUM TINTS AND DYES NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH COBURN Formulated to provide the most consistent, uniform colors in the least amount of time and with excellent resistance to fading. Choose from a wide variety of colors to tint virtually every pair of sunglass and prescription lenses to customer satisfaction. Available in water-soluble dye packets or liquid concentrate Each packet or bottle tints hundreds of lenses Works with CR-39 (coated and uncoated), hi-index, and polycarbonate lenses OPTISAFE® LENS DYE - 250 SERIES Water-soluble dye packet makes one quart (946ml) of dye solution. Entire...

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