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"A SMALLER WAY TO PROCESS FREE-FORM" The COBALTLTE lens generator is the latest innovation in the COBALT line of surfacing products which features Coburn's proven mist-cut generating technology for high quality surface finish. This new platform has a space efficient footprint that does not require water management equipment, making it ideal for small to medium-sized labs eager to upgrade their in-house capabilities to offer free-form. TECHNOLOGIES *

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Processes traditional & digital free-form lenses "Cold-Mist" System provides an equivalent surface finish to wet-cut generating without the need for a water management system Smaller footprint, requiring only approximately 20 sq/ft of lab space including its external vacuum Coburn's patented and globally licensed single-point diamond turning lathe technology Precision air bearings for increased cutting accuracy Expandable product platform from conventional process- ing only (CobalF) upgradable to free-form (CobaltLTE) for a lower cost solution that grows with your business Cold-Mist cutting...

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