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the coburn story In January 2011, Gerber Coburn became Coburn Technologies; the world’s leading, US based manufacturer of complete lens making goods and services for the industry. Once again an independent company focused exclusively on the ophthalmic market. Built on the company founded in 1954, the Coburn commitment is to provide you with unmatched service and support for the equipment and supplies for your lab. A History of Innovation and Trust For almost 60 years the Coburn name has supplied optical labs with products and services that have literally invented the lab-production methods...

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THE COMPLETE PACKAGE SURFACING • FINISHING • SUPPLIES Coburn is the world leading US based manufacturer of complete ophthalmic lens processing systems which includes designing, manufacturing, and servicing the equipment and supplies used in all aspects ophthalmic production; from surfacing prescriptions, to coating and finishing lenses to fit into patient frames. This means all equipment and supplies are designed, tested and guaranteed to work together for optimum performance and available from one convenient source; Coburn. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER SERVICE • SUPPORT • COMMITMENT Customers...

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with ONYX-BOND Surface Blocker System “A great complete blocking package that is an affordable choice for a lab that wants to move into digital surfacing” E2G user from Harrisburg, PA Designed for free-form digital, and traditional lens processing, the E2G eliminates the need for alloy by using a reusable, machinable, and environmentally safe blocking material. Based upon the proven technology of the Eclipse platform, featuring one-touch blocking, automatic block and lens detection, full diameter blocking, along with other user-friendly features including superior lens quality with a lower...

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with FREEBOND Surface Blocker System Offers a complete and consolidated easy to use surface blocking process with automatic onetouch operation An economical system that offers standard layout and blocking features, along with advanced blocking applications that will enhance any ophthalmic laboratory. With its automatic onetouch blocking feature, operators block and chill the lens in one simple step, consolidating the surface blocking process, while increasing throughput. Utilizes patented FreeBond compound for environmentally-friendly, alloy-free blocking. • One-touch blocking simplifies...

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COLD-MIST LENS GENERATOR Better surface results than competitive dry-cut and wet-cut processes without any water management FEATURED FREE-FORM SYSTEM COBALT SURFACING SYSTEM A new matched set of lens generating and polishing technologies exclusively from Coburn that leaves the final polished lens optically clear without the need to apply hard coating for optical clarity, and produces better cut and polished free-form lens results than any other digital surfacing system with a smaller footprint and price-point than all others in its class. • Quickly processes both traditional & digital...

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SOFT-TOOL LENS POLISHER “These look like polished lenses should look: they are clear, I can read them and see everything I need to in the surface” “If there is an issue I can catch it before I waste the money and time coating them” FEATURED FREE-FORM SYSTEM COBALTDS LENS GENERATOR COBALTDP LENS POLISHER • “Cold-Mist” Cutting System which provides wet-cut generating results without need for a water management system • Utilizes Coburn’s patented and globally licensed single-point diamond turning lathe technology • Precision air bearings for increased cutting accuracy and through-put speed •...

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DRY-CUT LENS GENERATORS All the benefits of advanced dry-cut, cut-to-polish lens processing that you have come to expect from Coburn in a compact footprint A compact turning lathe which utilizes Coburn’s patented single-point technology and can be configured to produce conventional and/or digital free-form lenses for small to mid-size laboratories. Semi-finished lens blanks are surfaced, cribbed, and safety beveled in a fast and accurate process using a multi-data system to reduce lens spoilage while optimizing lens and lap cycle times without the need for an expensive water reclaiming...

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TABLETOP LENS GENERATOR The latest version of the compact and intelligent Coburn SG series, with proven performance for progressive labs This tabletop, entry-level surface generator provides proven, high-performance dry-cut milling technology for processing CR39®, hi-index, and polycarbonate lenses. Compact and intelligent, the SGX Plus processes lenses totally free of elliptical error and provides a low-stress means of generating exact prescription curves while creating less mess in the lab. • Precise 3-axis machining generates consistently accurate prescription curves • Reduces total...

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FINER / POLISHER A sophisticated yet user-friendly and highly economical workhorse machine for exceptionally accurate lenses for all material types The innovative Acuity Plus easily handles a wide curve range, producing consistently excellent results via a one- or two-step fining process. Such versatility is achieved without stroke adjustments. In addition, its unique ergonomic design exceeds the industry standard, making it exceptionally fast and efficient. Plus, clean, modern styling, compact size, and quiet operation make it ideal for any lens processing environment. • Processes CR39®,...

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EURO KLEENCHILL polish management SYSTEMS ECO 6 • Optimum chill level management >45°F (7°C) • Compact size for smaller footprint • Average payback less than 6 months • Polish tank: 6 Gallons (23 Liters) LP 8/10 SPINDLE (SHOWN BELOW) • Optimum chill level management >50°F (10°C) • Reduced ambient temperature via remote heat sink • Saves money on supply costs, including initial purchase cost • Polish tank: 10.5, 13 or 16.5 Gallons (40, 50 or 62 Liters) The KLEENCHILL series offers a wide range of fluid management systems addressing all aspects, from filtration to chilling, for all...

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