Auto Refractor/Keratometer: Huvitz HRK-8000A


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Auto Refractor/Keratometer: Huvitz HRK-8000A - 2

Extreme Precision & Accuracy! Most Advanced Wavefront Technology, HRK-8000A

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Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, HRK-8000A is based on Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, which analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a customer, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map. The new HRK-8000A utilizes a unique wavefront analysis algorithm and surpasses conventional and simple refraction offering added values with high order aberration data output for customized lenses and observation of patients before and after refractive surgery. Experience the whole new wavefront Auto...

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Auto Refractor/Keratometer: Huvitz HRK-8000A - 4

High Order Aberrometry Data Output Opens Possibilities for High Market Trended Customized Lens Applications! The World’s First Contact Fitting Guides and Recommendations! Unmatched Performance & Speed Provides Comfortable User Environment. Optimized Optical System More Data on Aberration Measurement Color View Mode! Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide Touch & Tilting Color Display Screen Motorized Chin Rest High order aberration data such as Coma, Trefoil, Spherical Aberration, Secondary Astigmatism, and Tetrafoil, which was only available in wavefront aberrometers, now is available in...

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Auto Refractor/Keratometer: Huvitz HRK-8000A - 5

SPECIFICATIONS MEASUREMENT MODE K/R Mode Continuous Keratometry & Refractometry CLBC Mode Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement Peripheral Keratometry Color View Mode Color View & Contact Lens Fitting Assistance (White & Blue LED Light) HUVITZ AUTO REF-KERATOMETER HRK-8000A Vertex Distanc(VD) Image showing the Huvitz HRK-8000A connected to an external monitor(optional) CLBC Mode Cylinder Form Pupil Distance Minimum Pupil Diameter ܼ2.0mm KERATOMETRY Radius of Curvature Corneal Power 25.96~67.50D (When corneal equivalent refractive index is 1.3375) (Increments:0.05, 0.12, 0.25D) Corneal...

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