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Cobolt High Performance Lasers


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Cobolt High Performance Lasers - 1

High Performance Lasers by Cobolt E Cobolt a HUBNER Group company

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Cobolt High Performance Lasers - 2

High performance l­asers for advanced analytical instrumentation Cobolt is at the very forefront of the ­ndustry in the i development and ­ anufacture of high performance lasers. m We provide innovative laser solutions with high output power, stable single-mode ­ peration o and large wavelength flexibility in the UV-Visible-MIR spectral range. The Cobolt lasers have become a preferred choice by leading instrument manufacturers and scientists in some of the most challenging applications in the fields of biomedical research, on-line quality and process control, clinical diagnosis, ­ aterial...

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Cobolt High Performance Lasers - 3

04-01 Series and 05-01 Series Powerful single frequency CW diode pumped lasers Zouk™ Twist™ Blues™ Calypso™ Fandango™ Samba™ Jive™ Mambo™ Flamenco™ Rumba™ 06-01 Series Plug & play modulatable CW lasers 0 10 20 50 80 100 150 200 300 400 0,5 1 1,5 2

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Cobolt High Performance Lasers - 4

Performance data (Cobolt CW diode pumped lasers) Cobolt Odin™ Series Compact, tunable Mid-IR OPOs • Wavelength selectable 2-5 pm • Tunable up to 50 nm, narrow linewidth option • Up to 80 mW at 10 KHz Intensity noise Spectral purity Cobolt Tor™ Series High performance Q-switched lasers • 1064 nm, 532 nm • Up to 1 W average power • Ultra-compact OEM option • < 5 ns, > 7 kHz Cobolt SambaTM - 532nm Typical Spectral Purity Wavelength stability Beam quality Options and solutions for light engine integration • Multi-line lasers • Fiber pigtailed lasers • Fiber coupled lasers • Modulated DPSS...

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Cobolt High Performance Lasers - 5

Technology High Temperature Curing or HTCure™ Technology, is Cobolt’s proprietary method for fixation of cavity components developed for high level of reliability, exceptical optical performance and u ­ nrivalled ­ obustness and reliability. r The HTCure™ Technology is based on building the ­asers into a hermetically sealed sub-­ ackage l p in a planar configuration. The material and design of each component in the ­ rchitecture has been a carefully ­ hosen for extremely high overall thermo­ echanical stability. As a result, the design is so c m thermomechanically stable that the whole...

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Cobolt High Performance Lasers - 6

Australia France Poland Warsash Scientific Pty Ltd Optoprim Amecam Taiwan Tayhwa Technology Co Ltd Benelux India Russia and Belarus Laser 2000 Benelux CV Spectral Instrument System Azimuth Photonics UK and Ireland Laser Lines Ltd Direct sales offices Cobolt Inc 2635 North First Street, Suite 228, San Jose, California, 95134, USA Phone: 1(408)708 4351 Fax: 1(408)490 2774 E-mail: Brazil Photonics Instrumentos Israel Lahat Technologies...

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