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Technology for energy efficiency

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At Circutor we have always placed special importance on innovation and developing technology to make more efficient use of our resources every day. New wireless technologies give us access to a large quantity of information in real time from anywhere. This is what helps us to reach the next level.

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Wibeee. You have the power - 3

An efficiency expert always with you Cable-free. Wireless system. Good work! You are reducing your consumption. The entire system has been designed to monitor information over wireless communications networks. Nothing can come between Wibeee and you. € Wibeee is a consumption analyzer with a Wi-Fi connection that displays instantaneous and historical data of your electricity consumption from any smartphone device, tablet or PC through its app or built-in web server. It is the perfect tool to increase the efficiency of your electrical installation, allowing you to finally take control and...

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Wibeee. You have the power - 4

As easy to install as a refrigerator magnet Installing electrical measuring units can be a hard task, it needs space and cabling time. Wibeee is extremely easy to install: just in ten seconds it's done. New technology PATENTED SYSTEM +0 Complex installations Other systems require cabling of devices in small spaces with loss of accuracy and danger of electrocution. 6 Installing Wibeee Just remove it from the box and place it near the switch. No transformers and auxiliary receivers and with the required precision. DIN-Zero DESIGN Wibeee takes up no space. It's true. No space in your electric...

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Wibeee. You have the power - 5

The system is completely visible from anywhere LOCAL Device built-in web application for configuration and data monitoring. Query using the device's IP. DATABASE IN THE CLOUD Wibeee logs the installation's electrical parameters so that you can view them from wherever you want: from your office computer, with a smartphone from the local coffee shop or lying down on your sofa at home with your tablet. Wibeee can also work in tandem with any other device that is compatible with the PowerStudio SCADA system. 8 CLOUD Web server application with database in the cloud. Query via...

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Wibeee. You have the power - 6

Accurate measurement You may be thinking that such a simple installation could result in loss of measurement accuracy, but that is not the case. Wibeee has a minimal error percentage and so is able to maintain the measuring guarantee that Circutor units have always been known for. Wibeee lets you analyse your installation(s) by making comparisons between more than one Wibeee or between different periods of time, if you wish. It lets you confirm that the actions you take for energy savings are getting their expected results. Technical features Power circuit Build features II Connection type:...

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Wibeee. You have the power - 7

CIRCUTOR, SA - Vial Sant Jordi, s/n 08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain Tel. (+34) 93 745 29 00 - Fax: (+34) 93 745 29 14 Code: C2M5J3 -01 CIRCUTOR, SA reserves the right to change any information contained in this catalogue.

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