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Solutions for Electrical energy effi

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Solutions for Electrical energy efficiency Technology for energy efficiency Solutions for Electrical energy efficiency

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Electrical energy efficiency What is the Electrical energy efficiency? How to do it? To reduce electrical power and energy required from the electric power systems without affecting the usual activities carried out in a building, or distribution process. CIRCUTOR has the necessary equipment within its 6 product families: Measurement & Control Because to reduce apparent power (kV·A) and energy (kW·h, kvar·h) required from electrical system allows: Protection & Control >> To assist the sustainability of the economic system and the enviroment. >> To improve the technical management of the...

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> Contracting management > Supplies management > Contract management > Global energy ratio - Measure and Verification EMS Measuring of variables > Control of energy supplies > Integration of critical variables > Ascertaining base line > Energy Balance > Consumption ratios > Verification of savings Remote management > Remote control of distributed centres > Energy control and management Management and control software Demand management > Acting on loads > Power Factor correction and Harmonic filtering Portable analyzers Multifunction Meters Variables measuring Energy meters Power Control...

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Energy audits - Portable Power Analyzers MYeBOX® Contracting management - Multifunction Meters / PLC Concentrators CIRWATT B Variable measurement - Energy meters for partial consumption measurement Variable measurement - Impulse concentrators LM25-M Solutions for Electrical energy efficiency analog input

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Variable measurement - Consumption analyzers Wibeee Variable measurement - Power Analyzers CVM-A1500 internal memory Remote management - Efficiency Data Server Acting on loads - Power Control Solutions for Electrical energy efficiency

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Power Factor Correction - Capacitor Banks with / without filters OPTIM P&P Improved poductivity - Technical management and disturbance control QNA 500 Improvement of the environment - Photovoltaic Self-consumption & Electric Vehicle charge CDP-0 / CDP-G / CDP-DUO PVing Parks Raption / Urban MC3 - Ø 7,1 mm, Ø 14,6 mm, Ø 26 mm Efficient transformers. From 63 A to 2000 A .../ 250 mA Solutions for Electrical energy efficiency

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Improvement of poductivity - Control of leakage currents and continuity of the service WGC PowerStudio SCADA Energy supervision software for buildings and industrial installations, with the possibility of viewing reports, layouts and single-line diagrams. The main functions are the following: Solutions for Electrical energy efficiency >> Analysis and management of technical variables >> Energy ratio / unit of production ratio >> Cost / production ratio reports >> Essential tool for UNE 16001 / ISO 50001 certification. Ver catálogo específico. Energy manament Sotfware >> Creation of...

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gCIQCUTOP CIRCUTOR, SA - Vial Sant Jordi, s/n 08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain Tel. (+34) 93 745 29 00 - Fax: (+34) 93 745 29 14 Code: C2S033-08 CIRCUTOR, SA reserves the right to amend the contents of this catalogue.

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