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Software Environments for energy management and control - 16 Pages

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Software Environments for energy management and control

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Software Environments for energy management and control Energy efficiency technology

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PowerStudio is powerful, straightforward software with a user-friendly interface Information is power CIRCUTOR is an expert in developing software environments for the management and control of electrical energy efficiency. These solutions transfer information from remote or mobile measuring units. This information on electrical parameters or consumption is centralised and the management software lets users search and use the data obtained in a fully reliable way. PowerStudio and PowerVision are two CIRCUTOR software solutions that encompass all the necessary options for analysing the data...

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Software Environments for energy management and control We are living in the information age of energy efficiency; having information is vital to knowing, understanding and taking actions to reduce energy costs. Powerful and versatile Features Communications platform Service integrated with Windows®. Uninterrupted communications with units configured in the system. Remote edition Allows applications to be edited online, facilitating application editing tasks by integrators. This action allows users to edit applications located kilometres away with just an Internet connection. Real-time...

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Software Environments for energy management and control Organisation One can never learn too much Controlling energy consumption and finding out if it is reasonable is necessary to avoid economic losses that, managed correctly, can be prevented. Knowing the consumption of different installations and whether it is optimised is a must for all companies that want to be competitive in the current framework. CIRCUTOR is an expert in developing software environments for the management and control of electrical energy efficiency. The solutions developed for this purpose transfer measurements from...

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ffeEpvironments for energy management and control PowerStudio is a comprehensive and permanent online management system designed to gather current consumption data. It allows you to personalise the configuration of SCADA Screens to display data in real time and configure customised reports. PowerStudio, combined with CIRCUTOR measuring units, provides accurate information about our energy consumption habits and lets us optimise them in line with real needs. PowerVision can display the data gathered by mobile units. This software gives you the initial analysis of the installation and...

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Software Environments for energy management and control Built-in Web Server PowerStudio SCADA's built-in web server allows any user to access real-time and historical information using a conventional web browser on a PC connected to the same corporate network (LAN) or from the Internet, as long as the computer network is properly configured. Real-time display of variables, database creation, table and graphical representation of recorded data, XML server and the exporting of data to files (.txt and .csv extensions) The web server enables unlimited simultaneous user connections, though...

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Software compatible with all CIRCUTOR units. Measuring Units: Converters Centralizers Energy meters Power analyzers Voltmeters, ammeters, process indicators Protection and Control Units Earth leakage relays Multipoint earth leakage systems ry Quality & Metering Units Multifunction meters Power quality analyzers Power Factor Correction Units Smart power factor correction regulators Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Units Smart electric vehicle charging systems Units for generating and controlling renewable energies Photovoltaic self-consumption kits Inverter with storage management Power,...

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Software Environments for energy management and control PowerStudio This software allows users to monitor their installation, getting first-hand, real-time information on the status of their power lines and even the general low and medium-voltage consumption of their installation. This supervision is important because it provides accurate information about the status of the electrical installation, essential for taking correct decisions. Depending on the features of the units installed, a large number of electrical parameters and processes can be monitored. Poiuer PowerStudio...

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Software Environments for energy management and control PowerStudio SCADA Due to the diversity and number of interconnected units that an installation might contain, it is important to be able to view and update various parameters from several units on a single screen at the same time. PowerStudio SCADA is designed to allow users to create their own customised screens and reports according to their needs. PowerStudio SCADA is the tool that can generate reports with the data gathered by the units, with the purpose of implementing preventive or corrective measures in the installation. Power...

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Software Environments for energy management and control PowerStudio SCADA Deluxe In addition to all the features offered by Power Studio Scada, the DELUXE version cover devices with standard connections. The Power Studio Scada Deluxe version not only has all the CIRCUTOR drivers, but features generic connections, so it can communicate with other devices that respond to the Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol through a generic UDP or TCP connection or, consequently, Modbus TCP. • Interact with any field unit equipped with communications with Modbus/ RTU and Modbus/TCP protocols • Interact with...

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Software Environments for energy management and control SCADA Applications •• Integrate identical non-CIRCUTOR units in the PowerStudio platform using an exportable or cloneable driver. •• Easy data integration from other real-time acquisition systems through OPC/DA. PowerStudio SCADA Deluxe can create applications on any device equipped with OPC/DA or Modbus communications. PowerStudio SCADA Deluxe can: •• Synchronisation of data from other systems in the databases of the PowerStudio SCADA Deluxe platform. •• Integrate units in the application using a step-by-step wizard for configuring...

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