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Remote energy management, EDS - 10 Pages

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Remote energy management, EDS

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Remote energy managemen EDS. Energy manager -, ri«iJrJ ' ."» ,«TI Pl. " cmcujQR Energy efficiency technology

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Remote energy management At CIRCUTOR, we have been manufacturing and distributing electrical energy efficiency management Systems and equipment for more than 35 years. All the knowledge acquired during this time is reflected in our products, which are reliable, robust, easy to use and most importantly: innovative. The rational and consistent use of energy is vital in order to make current and future energy needs compatible. Therefore, there is a great need for strong Energy Efficiency policies. Energy must be measured to guarantee its correct management. Likewise, communications equipment...

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EDS . Energy managers Fully autonomous Systems, no need for the use of a computer |S60C9#ttG4« ՕՕՕՕ Efficiency Data Server is an energy manager equipped with PowerStudio Embedded and a built-in web server, which enables the user to query any electric variable by Connecting the measurement equipment through its RS-485 bus, without having to install software in a local area network (LAN or VPN) computer. Thanks to the RS-485 expansion bus, the user can view any variable of the units connected to the bus and can even display information in real time, in table or graphic format (data logger)....

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Compare your^^^H consumption with that of the energy marketer Domestic application EDS can be used to control the partial consumption of each load in a domestic installation, such as lighting, appliances and even the total consumption, with the purpose of comparing the total consumption with that stated on your electricity bill.  Control of consumption in your home Օ Compare your consumption with that of the energy marketer  Rationalise consumption in your home 4

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m \ \ SME / Industrial application EDS can be used to control the partial consumption of the diffשrent single or three-phase loads in production and non-production periods, with the purpose of optimising energy costs and allocating production costs.  Control the consumption of your installation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and locate residual consumption in non-production periods Օ Compare the power level contracted in your installation  Supervise the level of harmonics and reactive load of your installation Օ Consumption or incident alarms in your electrical network  No need for a...

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EDS . Energy managers ; Reactive energy ! compensation CBS-4 WGS

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Efficient, easy a simple control of the nsumption of your sites Multi-point Application During the distribution of loads (or in remote installations), EDS can be used to control the individual consumption of your installation, centralising it in a single PowerStudio central application, to control total consumption and/or compare it with other similar installations.  Efficient, easy and simple control of the consumption of your remote sites Օ Energy reports per consumption zone or site  Remote excess consumption or incident alarms in the electrical network of the different consumption zones...

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EDS . Energy managers PowerStudio Scada 3.0 Server Built-in XML servers, Multiposition Web Server, 32/64 bit technology, O.S.: Linux/Windows Power studio Web Clients Web Clients Web Clients Security Server (optional) Dynamic data exchange. Remote shutdown of installations upon activation of alarm (XML commands). Thanks to the centralised system, each electric load of the installation can be monitored and controlled individually and in real time. 9

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Remote energy management EDS. Energy manager CIREOS. Efficiency indicator + information: CIRCUTOR elctrfe CIRCUTOR, SA - Vial Sant Jordi, s/n 08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain Tel. (+34) 93 745 29 00 - Fax: (+34) 93 745 29 14 ***!SpttS»,S'> Code: D2M613- ICUTOR, SA reserves the right to change any information contained in this catalogue.

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