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Power analyzers for panel CVM-B100/ CVM-B150 - 5 Pages

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Power analyzers for panel CVM-B100/ CVM-B150

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Power analyzers Power analyzers for panel Description The CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 units are panel mounted three-phase power analyzers (dimensions: 96x96 and 144x144 mm, respectively). Both offer 4-quadrant measurement (consumption and generation). Suitable for Medium or Low voltage installations, in both 3 or 4-wire three-phase circuits, two-phase circuits with or without neutral, single-phase circuits or ARON connections. The CVM-B100 and CVM-B150 high-performance units feature a measurement engine that allows the user to analyse many different electrical parameters, in addition to offering a large variety of optional expansion modules for the same unit. Features: —— Format: 96x96 (CVM B100) and 144x144 (CVM B150) —— High-resolution VGA colour screen —— IP 65* front panel protection —— 5 voltage inputs (3 phases + neutral + earth) 1000 Vf-f —— 4 Current inputs, ITF —— Class 0.2 voltage and current accuracy —— Class 0.5S energy accuracy —— Expandable unit, up to 4 modules, combining digital and analogue outputs, Modbus/TCP, MBus, LonWorks, Profibus, XML/Web —— Modular (optional addition of expansion modules) —— Touch-sensitive movement buttons —— Universal power supply source —— RS485 communications port (Modbus/RTU and BACnet protocols) —— Customisation of parameters to be displayed —— Operating hour indicator for preventive maintenance. Other features: —— Innovative SCV interface (Slide, Choose & View) for versatile data display, enabling the customisation of the parameters displayed on the screen —— Electrical parameters: instantaneous, maximum, minimum (with date and time) and demand —— Incremental electrical parameters (energy), times, costs, emissions —— 3 Tariffs (can be selected via the digital input or RS485 communications) —— Capable of showing costs and kgCO2 emission sources on the screen, depending on the energy consumed or generated —— 2 Relay outputs for alarms with delay, times, ON and OFF, etc. —— 2 transistor outputs for alarms or impulse generation, with all the possible configuration parameters —— 2 digital inputs, with control over the selection of the unit’s tariffs or configurable for monitoring purposes, with RS-485 Modbus communications, monitoring of logical states of other electromecha

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Power analyzers Power analyzers for panel Applications ——Control and monitoring of all electrical parameters measured in any electric distribution panel and low and high-voltage connection points. ——4 alarms (2 per transistor and 2 per relay), fully and independently programmable: low or high value, hysteresis, connection/disconnection delays, normally open or closed standby status and interlocking. ——Generation of impulses with transistor outputs, fully and independently configurable over any incremental parameter (energy, costs, kgCO2, total meter or tariff hours) ——Transducer that...

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Power analyzers Power analyzers for panel CVM-B100 CVM-B150 Technical features Connections Digital inputs    Selection of tariffs, states or external alarms Type    Optoisolated potential-free contact (15 V maximum voltage of open contact) Digital outputs Generation of impulses or alarms Maximum operating voltage Maximum operation current Maximum frequency Pulse duration (T on / T off) Alarms Type_ Quantity Maximum operating power Maximum voltage open contacts 250 Vac Maximum switching current Electrical working life (400 V / 6 A) 3 x 104 cycles Mechanical working life Built-in...

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Power analyzers Power analyzers for panel Outputs    Digital    Inp.    Analogue    Inp. Communications    Protocol Ethernet (Bridge RS-485) Ethernet (Bridge Ethernet) Ethernet MBus LonWorks Description    Type IP 65 sealing joint for CVM-AB (96x96)    IP65-AB-96 IP 65 sealing joint for CVM-AB (144x144)    IP65-AB-144 CVM-B Module Note: Refer to the product manual for other options

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Power analyzers Power analyzers for panel CVM-B100 CVM-B150 Connections Three-phase measurement, with or without voltage transformer and current transformers Three-phase measurement, with or without voltage transformer and MC3 type transformers (1250 mA) + MC1 for neutral current Direct phase-phase measurement with current transformers Alimentación Auxiliar Power Supply Measurement in single-phase system with or without voltage transformer POWER SUPPLY Alimentación Auxiliar POWER SUPPLY Note: Refer to the product manual for other options Alimentación Auxiliar POWER SUPPLY Red/Blue...

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