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Smart earth leakage protection P1- Industrial earth leakage protection WGC Earth leakage transformres WGC SeriesP1-15 WG WG Series Earth Leakage transformersP1-16 RG1M Electronic earth leakage relay with external transformer of the WG / WGC SeriesP1-17 RGE / RGE-R Electronic earth leakage relay with external transformer of the WG / WGC SeriesP1-19 RGU-10 / RGU-10 C Electronic earth leakage relay with external transformer of the WG / WGC SeriesP1-21 CBS-4 / CBS-4 C Earth leakage monitoring and signaling unit of the external transformer of the WG / WGC SeriesP1-23 CBS-8 Earth leakage...

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Protection and control CBS-8 Earth leakage monitoring and signaling unit of the external transformer of the WG / WGP / WGC Series ■ WRKRT-25 Earth leakage relay with built-in transformer MCB MCB Series Circuit-Breaker ■ P2-55 ■ ■ P2-57 ■ P2-59 WRU-10 MT Rel diferencial con transformador incorporado con display (tipo A) RGU-10 MT Earth leakage Relay WG + MT Series ■ P2-61 ■ P2-63 RGMT Earth leakage Relay WG + MT Series ■ P2-65 MT Motorized circuit breaker (up to 63 A) ■ ■ P2-67 MT-FDE Motorized circuit-breaker (from 63 A) ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ WRGMT...

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Industrial earth leakage protection

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Industrial earth leakage protection Smart earth leakage protection The "protection" and "continuity" of the electrical power supply are two terms that must not be separated if we wish to guarantee the safety of users and elec-trical installations. The recent addition of receivers or loads that generate distortion in the electricity grid (speed variators, electronic start-up units, computer equipment, lighting with electronic ballasts, etc.) has made necessary the use of protection systems that can distinguish between defects in the installation and the electrical alterations that cause the...

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Industrial earth leakage protection Dfinition When the earth leakage protection System detects a fault current, it acts on the electrical installation being protected, opening the circuit while interrupting the supply of electrical energy, thus pre-venting the danger of electrocution for persons when the fault current reaches dangerous values, either as a result of direct or indirect contact, including any potential damage caused to goods and materials. An earth leakage protection system is composed of three clearly different parts: O Detecting element or sensor O Relay O Circuit breaker...

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Industrial earth leakage protection In this case, we must simply adjust the sensitivity and delay time to guarantee the adequate protection. Loads with earthed capacitors The current passes through the earthing elements as a result of the unit's operations through its capacitors. In addition, the length of cables in an electrical inͭstallation can lead to capacitive earthing faults, which would lead to this situation. The current can be injected with two methods: Permanent Leakages. The unit injects current in the earthing elements permanently. This type of be-haviour is closely tied to the...

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Industrial earth leakage protection Measurement in TRMS and Class A The voltage and current wave shapes have stopped being complete sine waves since the loads distributed in the installations are not linear. The continu-ous and harmonic components can distort the wave shapes, whereby it will be necessary to take more accurate meas-urements. The current range of electronic earth leakage switches measures the root-mean-square-value (TRMS) of leakage currents by sampling it. The wave shapes in installations with linear resistive loads are pure sine-waves. However, the figure shows how the mean...

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Industrial earth leakage protection High-frequency current The IEC 479-1 / UNE 20-572-92 Standard describes the effects of currents passing through the human body for a frequency of 50 Hz. As you can see, the effect depends on the root-mean-square-value of the current passing through the body and the time it takes to pass through. In accordance with the effects, we can establish zones 1 (zone with no perception) and 2 (perception zone) as safe work zones. Therefore, in terms of the protection of persons, earth leakage protection systems must act on those zones. previous graph, which...

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Industrial earth leakage protection Inverse curve The IEC 61008-1 Standard allows us to incorporate a circuit opening delay for the circuit being protected, which will depend on the leakage current level. Therefore, the greater the fault current, the lower the delay. Two types of curves are specified, as shown on the following table of values: O Instantaneous O Selective The application of these curves to our earth leakage systems can be used to increase the continuity in the installa-tion's power supply and avoid unwanted trips. Type Instantaneous Selective 'an (A) All values > 0,03...

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Industrial earth leakage protection Earth leakage protection Systems with self-reclosing Given the current efficient personal and material protection requirements and obligations, and the complexity of some installations that require the continuous supply of electrical energy with the use of overload and earth leakage protection systems, CIRCUTOR has developed a wide range of units that make safety and service continuity compatible. Self-reclosing systems are an ideal solution for installations that need a constant supply of electrical energy, without the need for the usual maintenance...

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Industrial earth leakage protection Parameters related to self-reclosing relays Relay status indicator The indications are associated to the type of protection, distinguishing be-tween instantaneous triggers and inter-lockings. The indications are sent by the relay (LED) and, optionally, by auxiliary contacts. ON position. This is when the reset timer of the reclosing meter will be set off. The RESET option starts the relay, reset-ting the reclosing meters. Local (with the keys) and remote test and reset Another type of visualisation, depending on the relay, is the instantaneous trigger...

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