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MYeBOX Connected to efficiency

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At Circutor, we know that, nowadays, energy audits are a necessary part of improving energy efficiency. New wireless technologies facilitate access to lots of information and devices from any point. This enables you to reach the next level in energy audits: remote audits.

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Connected to Efficiency MYeBOX® is an intuitive portable power analyzer that provides detailed information on all electrical parameters, on the network quality and transients of an electrical installation, providing full access to the information by connecting you directly to the unit via the app from mobile devices or by connecting you to the Cloud.

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MYeBOX® system New audit system MYeBOX Cloud ISO 50001 MYeBOX® allows you to take all information on your measurements with you wherever you are and whenever you want. It is a vital tool for any energy audit or ISO 50001 certification.

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An app for everything With the MYeBOX® app, you will have access and a wireless connection to the units. You will be able to configure the MYeBOX® units and consult data remotely, without having to go to each installation. ›› Real time display of measurements. ›› Sending of alarms via e-mail. ›› Start and stop of data recording. ›› Access to and viewing of stored data. ›› Generation of STD files compatible with PowerVision Plus. ›› Sending of stored data to MYeBOX® Cloud. ›

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Connectivity The Wi-Fi / 3G connection of the MYeBOX® makes it possible to connect to it from anywhere. You can configure it, download the logs, send it to MYeBOX® Cloud, share it with others and receive alarm messages, via the application and wirelessly, from wherever you choose. Storage MYeBOX® combines two storage systems: the internal memory, which permits a large quantity of data to be recorded and MYeBOX® Cloud, where you can send the recorded data to the cloud in order to be able to access it at any time or share it with the work group.

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One step further in measuring Designed to measure and record electrical parameters and power quality, MYeBOX® features cutting-edge portable measuring technology. This new analyzer incorporates wireless connections for complete remote control. The latest wireless technologies applied to the robustness of the CIRCUTOR measuring units. Accurate measurement With a 0.2 class in voltage and current*, 128 samples per cycle and recording of quality events and transients. * not including clamp error. Recording capacity Features a built-in SD memory of 16 GB. FAT 32.

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2 transistor inputs They can be configured to count impulses (water, gas, parts, etc.), for the selection of tariffs or control of the ON/OFF status. 2 transistor outputs To be configured as alarms or for control purposes, everything can be configured from the app. Reference voltage An extra voltage input to measure earth or other reference voltages. Leakage current An additional current input to measure possible leakages in the installation.

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Measurement of the main electrical parameters; energy consumed and generated; network quality parameters True RMS measurement (TRMS) Measurement in consumption and generation (4Q) 4 voltage measurement inputs 5 voltage measurement inputs Wave shape associated with quality events and transients Recording of the wave shape by period Sending of alarms via e-mail Phase identification by colour Analysis of logs via PowerVision Plus software Recording of system events (EVA) Wi-Fi communications

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All you need to take accurate measurements are the MYeBOX® clamps. A wide range of sensors that will allow you to take measurements in any type of installation. MYeBOX® is compatible with other sensors, with the standard connector and with EEPROM. MARKET STANDARDS RIGID FLEXIBLE CLAMPS CLAMPS

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(j§CIRCUTOR CIRCUTOR, SA - Vial Sant Jordi, s/n 08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain Tel. (+34) 93 745 29 00 - Fax: (+34) 93 745 29 14 Code: C2M8A3 -02 CIRCUTOR, SA reserves the right to change any information contained in this catalogue.

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