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Microgrids and self-generation with renewable energies - 16 Pages

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Microgrids and self-generation with renewable energies

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Energías Renovables Microgrids and self-generation with renewable energies Technology for energy efficiency

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Modern energy needs have caused the firm introduction of renewable energies, which is bringing about a profound change in the energy model as we know it. Distributed generation gradually replacing centralised generation and the ever greater capacity for low cost efficient accumulation offer great advantages both in energy efficiency, by not having to transporta, and in the rational use of resources in each place. CIRCUTOR has spent over 35 years manufacturing and distributing equipment and systems for managing electrical energy efficiency. All the knowledge acquired during this time is...

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Contents Self-generation with renewable energies 4 Solution: Isolated residential . . . . . 5 Solution: Basic Power Supply . . . 6 Solution: Solar home. . . . . . . . . . . Microgrids Hybrid microgrids with generation and distributed accumulation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Smart Management . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Demand management . . . . . . . . . 12 Electric Vehicle Charging Photovoltaic shelter. . . . . . . . . . . 13 Products Product guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

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Seif-generation with renewable energies Solar home MPPT function (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Optimal charging and discharging cycle control for each type of battery Photovoltaic Solar Energy for small DC Photovoltaic Solar Energy enables small consumptions to be located anywhere they are required and very easily Small consumptions such as LED lighting and electronic device charging are now possible with mature technology in photovoltaic modules, charge regulators and batteries. Home Solar offers efficient control for optimal use of solar Electrification of isolated places in the absence...

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Seif-generation with renewable energies Isolated residential Management of the support system with power Optimal charging and discharging cycle control for each type of battery Monitoring and data registration Hybrid generation with different sources of renewable energy The Isolated Residential solution enables the electrification of places that have difficulty accessing the electrical distribution network, attending the energy needs of a family, a farm, a residence for rural tourism... .etc. Isolated Residential offers a quality electric supply for use in lighting, electrical appliances...

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Self-generation with renewable energies Basic Power Supply Management of the support system with power generator Optimal charging and discharging cycle control fnr onrh tuno nf hnttom Hybrid generation with different sources of renewable energy for industrial AC consumption, supported by the Electrical Network The economic and regulatory need for greater Energy Effi- ciency in industrial processes, technological development in Renewable Energies and in the use of energy resources derived from the activity itself and the ever growing capacity for efficient low cost accumulation make...

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Applications yy Support to low quality electrical networks yy Assures the electric supply for basic systems yy Long term cost control of the electric supply yy Easy to increase the generated power yy Optimal for industrial warehouses, buildings, farms…

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Hybrids with generation and distributed accumulation Different energy sources " Power Generators DISTRIBUTED GENERATION Different locations Production centres Health centres Social centres DISTRIBUTED ACCUMULATION Different locations and types Hybrid Generation with different renewable energy sources for Rural Electrification In recent decades rural electrification has been done with renewable energies through individual generation, that is, one user - one installation. Technology now allows evolution towards collective installations through the use of hybrid micronetworks with generation...

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Energías Renovables

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Microgrids Hybrids with generation and distributed accumulation DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE Maximum output of the different energy sources Optimisation in battery cycles SHARED RESOURCES Any generator supplies any consumer and stores energy in any accumulator Less use of generators and support systems DATA ACQUISITION AND Registration Monitoring. Interactive maintenance Statistical data. Preventive maintenance Alarms. Emergency maintenance Smart management The Smart Management of hybrid generation enables the different generators to be located in different places, the same microgrids can get...

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Hybrids with generation and distributed accumulation DAILY ENERGY AVAILABLE Control of each user's demand Rewards efficient use of energy POWER CONTROL LOAD MANAGEME Integration in the micronetwork management system Measurement of power quality and user consumptions Demand management Demand management in line with the features of the place and typical the microgrid's user consumption habits is a key element for sizing Generators and Accumulators. The daily energy available a patented concept of demand management allows users to smart manage the energy avai- lable in networks of limited or...

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Real time display of the parameters Recording and consulting the historical data stored in a computer in graphic or table format Option of exporting txtand csv files Access to information through a conventional Internet explorer Create SCADA screens combining different parameters Generate reports or simulate electric bills for the allocation of partial costs. PowerStudio SCADA Energy Management Software PowerStudio is a simple, powerful and user-friendly software application. It enables complete energy monitoring of power analyzers, meters, earth leakages and total control of various...

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Smart charging of Electric Vehicles Solar shelter Two-way inverter in AC and DC Monitoring and data registration Payment management with the Mifare card Photovoltaic Solar Energy Shelter for Electric Vehicle AC charging and support to the Electrical Network The family of CirCarLife equipment offers a solution to electric vehicle charging (motorcycles, cars, trucks,…) in different locations such as the street, public car parks, private car parks with a number of users, and even private car parks with a single user. The solar shelter works as a support to the electrical network by directly...

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