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Integral solution for photovoltaic plants supervision - 24 Pages

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Integral solution for photovoltaic plants supervision

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Integral solution for photovoltaic plants supervision Energy efficiency technology

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Efficiency combined with energy control System supplies Project development Remote maintenance

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Solar photovoltaic energy is currently one of the cheapest sources of renewable energies. The continuous rise of the price of electrical energy and the optimisation of the prices of every part of a photovoltaic power station are directly leading to increased investment in these systems. For this reason, the average installed power in new plants is increasing on a daily basis, making it necessary to have systems that are capable of continuously monitoring and managing the facilities and interacting with all of their elements, thus...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants A solution adapted to each need Since a photovoltaic plant is made up of components from different manufacturers, integration and communication between them can be somewhat complicated. To facilitate the integration and monitoring process, CIRCUTOR has developed a complete and intuitive solution for managers of photovoltaic plants. So, the SCADA solution interacts with the installed systems and devices in real time, optimising the solar resources, improving the efficiency of the centre and simplifying management, resulting in...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Photovoltaic Power Station Concept This diagram shows the different options and systems used in a standard photovoltaic energy installation. Control Centre LV/MV Transformer DC Cell String Input Power Centre Weather Station Plant Substation Optional Ethernet

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Ensures optimal performance The monitoring solution comes with the measuring and communication devices required to properly manage the photovoltaic plant, from the photovoltaic panels to the transformer substation. All integrated elements will be monitored by SCADA software that has been customised according to the client's instructions, thus simplifying the information and bringing it all together in a single environment, optimising all energy resources and optimising the overall performance of the plant. The main benefits of the...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Customised monitoring Every solar energy plant is different, no two are the same. Nowadays, you can find some installations with fixed photovoltaic panels, others with solar trackers or a combination of both. This means that each facility is unique and the points being measured are also different. For practical purposes, a photovoltaic plant is divided into three monitoring areas: The Photovoltaic area, Power area and the Control area. CIRCUTOR has a wide range of products, which allows us to supply a solution for each of the above...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Photovoltaic area The photovoltaic area is the first measurement level, where the measuring equipment of each string of panels (PV) is found. There are also various sensors, to determine the operating conditions of the panels; these include solar radiation meters, wind meters, solar trackers, etc. Stringbox String measurement and protection panel. The main element that is installed in a photovoltaic area is commonly known as a Stringbox. CIRCUTOR's Stringboxes are panels with a compact design, for installation in environments with...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants The number of measuring devices varies, depending on your method for monitoring the plant. You must consider this operating method before selecting the exact quantity to be installed. Control devices In addition to Stringboxes, the photovoltaic area has devices that collect information regarding the weather conditions, and sometimes what are commonly known as solar trackers, to move the photovoltaic panels according to daily variations in solar radiation. The following elements are part of the control devices: Solar tracker A 1- or...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Project design Power area The power area is the second measurement level of a photovoltaic power station. At this level there are various Power Centres, which are interconnected by a fibre optic ring. The power centres are enclosures that are spread across the entire power station and which connect the different stringboxes to the input of an inverter to convert their current from DC to AC. Inside the power centre there is also a medium voltage impedance elevator transformer, which collects all of the energy from the inverter and...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Close monitoring of the Power Centre allows you to identify any incidents that may arise in relation to the power units and act quickly, allowing you to improve performance and prolong the useful life of the solar power plant.

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Measurement and communications cabinet A cabinet is installed in each Power Centre (PC), containing the measuring elements of the centre's various systems; inverters, impedance elevator transformers, weather stations, etc. The devices that communicate with each of the elements are also included in this cabinet; their function is to transmit the measurements to the plant server where the local SCADA is located. Measurement system The measurement system is composed of the following elements: DC MEASUREMENT, THE INVERTER'S INPUT OP.1...

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SCADA solutions for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants Monitoring the efficiency of the INVERTER By monitoring the inverter's input and output, you can see how it is performing. It allows you to know the volume of losses and enables the early detection of any anomalous behaviour by the inverter. AC MEASUREMENT, THE INVERTER'S OUTPUT OP.1 CIRWATT-B Meter for taking energy readings at the inverter's AC output. OP.2 CVM-B100 Analyser system that records energy at the inverter's AC output. Both the CIRWATT-B and CVM-B100 options have the same function, they record the energy at the...

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