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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency - 16 Pages

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency

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Soluciones de filtrado para la mejora de la eficiencia energética Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Technology for energy efficiency

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Non linear loads, such as: rectifiers, inverters, speed variators, furnaces, etc. that absorb periodic non-sine wave currents from the network. Said currents are composed of a fundamental frequency component rated at 50 or 60 Hz, plus a series of overlapping currents, with frequencies that are multiples of the fundamental frequency. This is how we define HARMONICS. The result is a deformation of the current (and, as a consequence, voltage) that has a series of associated secondary effects. a Decomposition of the distorted wave shape...

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency studying harmonics Installation information • Points where measurements have been taken using the portable AR5, AR6 power analyzer • Load distribution General information • Single wire diagram of installation • Indication of measuring points • Type of industrial process LINEAL LOADS HARMONIC GENERATORS CAPACITOR BANK • Active and reactive power measurement • Harmonic measurement • If there is a capacitor bank • Measurements at power converter loads terminals • Measurements at other load generating terminals • Description of type of load: •...

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Origin Faults Supply side: àà Current harmonics (Low frequency) xxExcessive losses in lines and transformers xxWave form distortion xxEarth-leakage tripping àà Interference caused by converters, motor drives, UPS, etc. àà EMI (High frequency) xxEarth-leakage tripping xxInterference to electronic equipment àà Individual protection is recommended Load side: àà Excessive ripple at the switching frequency xxInterference to electronic equipment àà Excessive du/dt xxDamage to isolation in motors àà Non linear loads distributed in the system àà...

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Solutions àà LR reactors àà LCL and LCL-th filters àà EMI filters àà Inmunized earth-leakage protecion àà Sinus filters àà du/dt filters àà AFQ Active filters àà FR, FRE rejection filters: xx7% if 5th, 7th harmonics are dominant xx14% if 3 rd harmonic is dominant àà Absorption regulated filters: xxFAR-Q, FARE-Q (5th and 7th harmonics) xxFAR-H (5th, 7th, 11th, 13th...) àà AFQ, ACTIVE filters with or without phase balance àà FB3 and FB3T filters àà TSA isolation transformer with harmonics filtering àà AFQ Active filters

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Active filters (Global compensation: reactive, harmonics, imbalance) AFQ multifunction parallel active filters are the most complete solution to solve those quality problems caused, in either industrial or commercial facilities, not only by harmonics but also for current unbalance, and, even, reactive power consumption (mostly leading PF). The available functions in all models are following ones: • Reduction of harmonics currents up to the 50th order (2500 Hz). User-selection of harmonic frequencies to be filtered for a higher efficacy. •...

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency 2. Phase unbalance correction 3. Power Factor correction Harmonics currents reduction up lectable harmonics frequency for optimizing filtering spectrum ef- Phase current correction for op- timizing unbalance phenomenom in the electric power system. Power Factor correction for lag- ging current systems (inductive) or leading currents (capacitive). Harmonic level without AFQ Harmonic level with AFQ Intuitive touch screen Harmonics graph Filtrado selective Harmonics selection Before & After total THD

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Filters for power converters (individual filtering) Static converters generate different type of disturbances, both on the system side and on the load side. CIRCUTOR has filters to avoid problems caused by these converters and allow installations where they are installed to comply with the EN-61000-3-12, IEEE-519 standards and the 2004/108/CE, 92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC Compatibility Directives. L DC S1 L1 L 2 L 3 2L1 2L2 2L3 EMI filter S 3 S1 L or LCL filter S2 S 4 S2 Other loads àà Filtering diagram for three-phase power transducers LR...

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency LCL and LCL-th filters • LCL Filters are individual filters for converters reducing the level of harmonics produced by converters in the system. Inserting LCL Filters allows an installation with converters to comply with the EN-61000-4-3 and IEEE-519 standards. LCL-th’s add a disconnection capacity to the filter’s parallel branch in the event that the filter operates with no load. Ideal for lifts. àà Without filter: THD ( I ) = 35% ÷ 50% àà With filter: THD ( I ) < 5% EMI filters SINUS and du/dt filters • EMI filters are used to remove...

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Filtering solutions for improving energy efficiency Power Factor correction in installations with harmonic Industrial systems usually require power factor correction. In the event that the system supplies non linear loads which generate harmonics, the design of PF equipment has to take this into account and will have to combine a correction of cos j with harmonic filtering. CIRCUTOR has equipment to prevent harmonics overload and to reduce harmonics effects on the system, in particular preventing the phenomenon of resonance, which may give rise to serious faults in the installation. • FR...

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