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Energy Management Systems.Solutions for Utilities - 12 Pages

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Energy Management Systems.Solutions for Utilities

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Energy Management Systems Solutions for Utilities fj^CIRCUTOR Techonology for energy efficiency

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I i T i At CIRCUTOR, we have been manufacturing and distributing electrical energy efficiency management Systems and equipment for more than 35 years. All the knowledge acquired during this time is reflected in our products, which are reliable, robust, easy to use and most importantly: innovative. The rational and consistent use of energy is vital in order to make current and future energy needs compatible. Therefore, there is an urgent need to implement strong Energy Efficiency policies. Energy must be measured to guarantee its correct management. Likewise, communications equipment must be...

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities Solutions for Utilities Habits vs. energy costs Non-working hours The most important handicap for any installation lies in the fact that it must make sure that the equipment that consumes electrical energy is disconnected when the workday is over, thus preventing unnecessary consumption. Said equipment is usually disconnected manually, although it is frequently left on by mistake, thereby generating unnecessary consumption. If we multiply these costs by "n" sites or buildings, the overall costs associated with these installations can represent potential savings...

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities VVח I I Ll CUIOCILIVJI I Cil IU supervision of the energy consumption of Utilities CIRCUTOR manufactures equipment that can be used to improve electricity consumption efficiency and can provide advice to the installation company about the most efficient method of installation. The purpose of these systems is to guarantee the disconnection of loads when there is no activity or when no people are present at the installations. To do so, we must prepare the installation so that, via the disconnection of a switch, contact or remote switch, we can shut down in a...

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities The System is mon*, by a Activation of the security system by the installation's supervisor. Alarm status

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities centralisation and supervision aiagrarr energy consumption of Utilities With CIRCUTOR's energy management system, the consumptions of all municipal buildings can be centralised and supervised from a central office. The head of municipal maintenance can connect to each installation, read the historical logs and generate the bills for the various energy services such as electricity, gas and water, before receiving them. If the connection is made on a daily basis, consumption can be contrasted with previous levels and leakages can be detected through to excessive...

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities Eg.wsrstudjo PowerStudio Scada 3.0 Server Built-in XML server, Multi-position Web Server, 32/64 bit technology, O.S.: Linux/ Windows Thanks to the centralise! system, each of the installation's electric loads can be monitored and controlled individually and in real time.

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities Smart cnarge of Electric venicies Electric mobility is a reality, and although its implementation has been slow, this presents the ideal situation to be able to gradually bring the necessary infrastructure up to speed. From the standpoint of a municipality, charging points should be installed in streets (isolated points), in public car parks and also for charging their own municipal vehicle fleets (multi-point recharges). Isolated cnarges Multi-point cnarges Street recharging is done at isolated points where an adequate power supply should be provided....

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MS. Solutions for Utilities OLuerstuc|io*J L- ^ \A I v/ Additional software Energy supervision and centralisation software PowerStudio is powerful, simple and user-friendly software that allows for the full energy supervision of power analyzers, meters, earth leakages and complete control over a wide range of magnitudes. PowerStudio, together with CIRCUTOR equipment and systems, adapts to the needs of the installation, offering the following efficient management measures: SQU DRW Modules for exporting historical logs to an SQL server m OPC-DR Data connector for external systems...

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EMS. Solutions for Utilities CIRCUTOR products used by the system EDS Energy manager EDS (Efficiency Data Server) is an energy manager equipped with Embedded PowerStudio and a built-in web server, which enables the user to query any electric variable by connecting via an RS-485 bus to measurement equipment. There are 8 voltage-free digital inputs and 6 programmable relay outputs. The most salient features include:  Parameterisation and management of automatic events Օ Alarm recording system and system event management  E-mail alarms Օ RS-485 port up to 5 CIRCUTOR units. Ethernet connection....

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Energy Management System! Solutions for Utilities + information: CIRCUTOR elctrfe CIRCUTOR, SA - Vial Sant Jordi, s/n 08232 Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain Tel. (+34) 93 745 29 00 - Fax: (+34) 93 745 29 14 .***!SpttS»,S'> CIRCUTOR, SA reserves the right to change any information contained in this catalogue.

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