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AFQm HARMONIC F ILTERING Multifunction Active Filter with multi-level technology - 8 Pages

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AFQm HARMONIC F ILTERING Multifunction Active Filter with multi-level technology

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Multifunction Active Filter with multi-level technology

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INTRODUC TION — A multiple problem, a solution. In recent years, substantial growth in the number of electronic devices designed to equip our installations has resulted in significant changes in the types of loads connected to the power distribution system. These devices are currently equipped with electronics that in one way or another increase the efficiency of the tasks, production processes and activities we perform. Everyone uses computers for personal use or for processing and controlling production systems with speed drives, airconditioning units, lifts that slow down when...

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New technologies provide new advantages, but also new problems New technological devices that have recently started to be used in electrical installations definitely optimise production processes in competitive terms, but they also pose new problems for electrical networks, whose negative effects must be avoided at all costs. Most of the new devices installed nowadays have embedded electronics which cause unwanted distortion to power lines, affecting the correct functioning of most of the connected equipment. Harmonics without AFQm More Loads Further pollution through power lines 40...

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Problems caused by harmonics CAUSE Rise of the total current harmonic distortion rate (THDI %) Current increase in conductors Temperature increase in conductors Possible insulation loss in conductors Malfunction in PLC Economic losses due to production downtimes Unwanted tripping of circuit breakers and residual current devices Power cuts in production lines Economic losses due to production downtimes Increase in transformer temperature Premature ageing of the transformer Extra costs in maintenance Installation extra costs and risk of production downtime and data loss Decrease in motor...

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-> Priority configurable by the user 1. Harmonic filtering Eliminates harmonics to clean the installation's waveform. Reduction of harmonic currents up to the fiftieth harmonic (2500 Hz). Posibility of selection of the harmonic frequencies to be filtered in order to achieve higher efficiency. Response <20 ms 2. PF correction Helps avoid penalties due to reactive power consumption. Power factor correction, in both consumption and generation of inductive and capacitive currents. 0.7 inductive ... 0.7 capacitive 3. Phase balancing Reduces the circulation of neutral current, avoiding...

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Connectivity PowerStudio Driver For Energy Management Systems: monitoring of all electrical parameters, custom screen creation for the Active Filter. Real-time, online, website monitoring of instantaneous values. Data download without requiring any software. Ethernet: TCP/IP, Modbus TCP. Remote configuration of the device. Datalogger All electrical parameters recorded by the filter (per minute) are stored by the integrated datalogger for up to 7 years. It also allows the log report to be downloaded in spreadsheet format. Parameter display Touchscreen to monitor: Filter activation status: ››...

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Easy to set up Current transformer reversal Solves current transformers' connection errors using its touchscreen. Safe mode Avoids the filter from connecting automatically by setting a minimum start-up current, preventing injection when not required. Escalable Master / Slave system that allows connecting up to 100 filters in parallel managed by a single master. Save resources by avoiding the installation of current transformers for each slave. Safe Mode activation In the event of detecting a fault. Smart thermal management system: Adjusts the internal fan speed according to filtering needs....

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Circut©r Vial Sant Jordi, s/n 08232 Viladecavalls Barcelona (Spain)

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