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CILS Information Center Slide Labels Technical datasheet OILS slide labels are constructed to withstand the full range of laboratory processes, including extreme temperatures, solvent immersion, long-term freezer storage, sterilization agents, slide staining and much more. Labels are made from a durable polyester and high-grade adhesive combination, and feature a OILS computer imprintable coating to ensure your linear and 2D barcodes, patient data and batch numbers stay clear and legible for both manual and automated processing. CILS slide labels can be ordered in standard or custom sizes to fit your slides precisely, on rolls or sheets for thermal transfer or laser printing. You can choose to receive your labels blank, part-printed (e.g. with corporate branding), or fully printed with barcodes data etc. by the OILS Label Printing Bureau for maximum convenience. Print Method Laser Thermal Transfer Printable Printable Summary Benefits • Unique OILS coatings provide ultimate solvent resistance without secondary clear tape. • Label sets can be color-coded for immediate sample recognition. • Printable in seconds straight from your PO and standard laser or thermal transfer printer. • Adhesion to all surfaces, glass and plastic labware etc. • Extreme temperatures (-40oC to +150oC). m Perfect for freezer storage, tissue processing protocols, water baths and sterilization agents. General features Color Material Finish Tange Adhesive .^d Print toner/ Ribbon Material Code Low cost slide label with good moisture tolerance. Basic Paper Slide Labels Easily removable, low cost slide label with good moisture tolerance. Permanent Acrylic Removable Aqueous Rubber Computer Imprintable Label Systems 1500 District Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803, USA

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Print method General features Temp range Print toner/ Ribbon Material Code For alternative sizes and pricing please contact us. Most popular sizes for slides • Size code: L23: 1” x 0.75” wide for laser printing • Size code: T23: 1” x 0.75” wide for thermal transfer printing m OTHER SIZES AVAILABLE Disclaimer All statements, technical information and recommendations herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed and the following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties, of...

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