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Labels for Clinical Study Logistics Technical datasheet Durable, color-coded label sets offer a practical solution for tracking samples in multi-site clinical studies, and can be delivered in rolls, sheets or pre-printed booklets as per your requirements. A range of color-coding is available, and labels can be manufactured blank for in-house printing, part-printed for data to be added by hand (initials, dates etc.), or fully printed with patient, study and sample information, ready for immediate use / distribution to study sites. Labels are made from a durable polyester and a high-grade adhesive combination, ensuring your data stays secure through sample processing and fluctuating temperatures through transportation and indefinite storage. Summary Benefits Print Method Easy distribution of labels between research facilities Tracking codes adhere securely to samples, especially during transit and storage at -80°C Color-coding matches blood collection tube closures (red, purple, yellow etc.) Printable from a standard laser or thermal transfer printer, or handwritable if required Option to have complete label sets delivered, printed from your database Laserjet Labels Material Chart Description General features Short Term Clinical Logistics Labels Economical durable label for label for short term permanent label applications. White Polypropylene Gloss Computer Imprintable Label Systems 1500 District Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803, USA Temp range Print method Print toner/ Ribbon Material Code Permanent Acrylic CILS DRD Grade Ribbon / Indelible ink pen Rolls/ Sheets/ Booklets

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Labels Material Chart continued. Color Temp range Print method Print toner/ Ribbon Material Code Versatile, solvent resistant, clinical logistics label for tubes and vials. Regularly used by CILS customers for sample White transportation on dry ice and storage at -80°C. Ideal for multiple laboratory applications. Permanent Solvent Acrylic CILS DRD Grade Ribbon / Indelible ink pen Rolls/ Sheets/ Booklets Laser / Hand Manufacturers original toner / Ball point pen General features Versatile Clinical Logistics Labels Ideal label for transportation of glass and polypropylene centrifuge tubes on...

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