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Truck Mixer Pumps

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WE INVENTED AND REINVENTED THE TRUCK MIXER PUMP It was 1973 when Cifa became the first company to produce the Truck Mixer Pumps. Thanks to the design and to the technology of the product, today we proudly say that we have been able to produce and sell more than 5.500 truck mixer pumps, transporting and pumping millions of concrete all over the world. Anyhow we did not stop here. We have designed and brought the carbon fiber technology to the boom structure: we reinvented the truck mixer pump once again. Available in Italy, Russia, China, South Africa, Australia, USA and Germany CIFA truck...

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PLACING BOOMS Available lengths to reach many distances: 20, 24, 25, 28 and 32 meters. STABILIZATIONS Single or double telescopic system on front outriggers together with fixed system on rear outriggers in order to guarantee a safe stabilization in a small area. PUMPING UNITS Two open loop types and one closed loop type according to the desired way of pumping. DRUMS Two types of drums are available according to client’s needs: 7 and 9.5 m³. CONTROLS All controls are designed and positioned to make the job easier and to speed up all the operations.

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VERSATILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: The different configurations of the booms on CIFA truck mixer pumps ensure the greatest operative versatility and enable to reach almost any part of the construction yard, even those accessible with the most difficulty. Complete working flexibility together with great working speed, allows the complete extension of the boom and its perfect positioning in few minutes. PLACING BOOM STRENGHT AND RELIABILITY: The booms mounted on CIFA truck mixer pumps combine both strength and reliability. Each section of boom has been designed for maximum structural efficiency and...

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Equipped with the 7” S-valve, completely removable, the pumping unit ensures gentle, continuous and regular flow. This technology guarantees an extremely efficient system for pumping different types of concrete, with aggregates of all sizes, reducing the number of cycles per minute while maintaining the same flow rate, thus ensuring less wear and longer life. PUMPING UNIT PB607 Open Loop type “S” VALVE: The structure is made with varying thickness to achieve maximum resistance to wear even when using difficult types of concrete. WEAR RING AND WEAR PLATE: The ring and the plate are made of...

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ROLLERS AND SAFETY LOCK Magnums with 7 m³ capacity drums are equipped with single roller, while Magnums with 9.5 m³ drums, due to their higher capacity, come with dual rollers. All the drums have a special anti-rotation lock that ensures greater safety for the operator during extraordinary maintenance. LOADING AND UNLOADING AREA: INCREASED FUNCTIONALITY The elements of the loading and unloading hopper, made of wearresistant materials, are designed to obtain optimal geometries for efficiency and functionality, meaning minimum concrete blockage chance. ELECTRONIC OPERATION CONTROL: ALL...

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BOOM PROPORTIONAL DISTRIBUTOR Ergonomic hydraulic controls for boom and stabilization system. REAR CONTROL PANEL Control panel positioned on the rear side for the drum and pumping unit control, including pressure manometers. REMOTE CONTROL Comfortable and lightweight for the boom control and for the management of the main functions of the machine. CABIN CONTROLS Electro-hydraulic controls placed in the cabin to adjust all main functions of the truck mixer pump and the motors. AUXILIARY ENGINE CONTROL Auxiliary engine control panel including water temperature, oil level and battery....

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Drum geometric volume Filling ratio Maximum drum speed Water tank capacity Pipeline diameter Concrete cylinders DIAM. Concrete hopper capacity l Placing boom Pumping unit Nominal capacity Drum geometric volume Nominal capacity Placing boom Pumping unit Pipeline diameter Filling ratio Maximum drum speed Concrete cylinders DIAM. Water tank capacity Concrete hopper capacity l drum Nominal capacity Drum geometric volume Filling ratio Maximum drum speed Water tank capacity Pipeline diameter Concrete cylinders DIAM. Nominal capacity Drum geometric volume Filling ratio Maximum drum speed Water...

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The truck mixer pump with the longest boom within 32 tons weight, including 5 m³ of concrete payload 1st and 2nd sections made of steel 3rd and 4th sections made of CARBOTECH composite material Electronic closed loop PB 607 CC EPC pumping unit Record small stabilization area Aluminum mudguards and racks for better protection Can Bus electronic system with less cables and higher reliability Main control display Cap Sense rear control panel Integrated electronic machine management system

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CIFA S.p.A. Via Stati Uniti d’America, 26 20030 Senago (Milano) - Italy tel. +39.02.990131 fax. +39.02.9981157

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