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Chromacity OPO Broadband near-IR source The Chromacity OPO delivers high power, broadband coherent light. • Vibrational spectroscopy • FTIR / stand-off techniques • Multi-species gas analysis • Telecoms / Quantum research • Materials characteristics • Explosive detection • Raman spectroscopy • Compact laser housing with an integrated pump source • Broadband, coherent beam • An intuitive web browser interface 02 Technical Overview • Average powers: up to 850 mW (signal) up to 350 mW (idler) • Pulse durations: ~1-5 ps • 100 MHz repetition frequency Discover More Tunability and high average power enables a broad range of spectroscopic and sensing applications.

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System Dimensions (mm) Laser Head 84.5 Learn how our ultrafast lasers can enable you to discover more. For more information, email: Discover More Version 2 © Chromacity Ltd - 2019 Chromacity® (no. UK00003403905) and Chromacity’s Logo (no. UK00003403913) are trademarks registered in the UK

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