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♦ BLUE JAY Active balance battery charger Active balance battery charger BABR-100 Active balance battery charger/rectifier Specification Description BABR-100 active balance rectifier to improve battery bank cell matching problems, make the safety and cycle life of battery bank to improve. After charging and discharging of series connected batteries several times, the voltages are often imbalance. Without proper protection, may cause an excessive discharge. BABR-100 also provide multiple type battery managerment control, intenegent balance support different type battery: Lead-acid, AMG, VARL, Li battery. Also detect signal cell voltage, internal resistance and capacity monitoring for individual batteries. with RS485 can build monitor system for prenvent battery early damage. BABR with powerful active balancing makes post-maintenance easier and supports the different supplier and batch batteries replacement in the battery bank. this can reduce 40% of maintance cost. Main Features • 19'' rack 2U install design, compact, core power module contains 'essential' functions - controller, LVDs, shunt. • Front/top access for ease of installation and maintenance • Standard 9 series connected 12V battery for 110V output, frontward compatible. • 2A active balance function for each battery in charging process, Comprehensive management of volt, resistance, temperature for each battery. • Factory configured for popular 30A and 50A applications, scalable design support multiple sets of parallel or series connect for different application • Up to three low voltage disconnects (LVDs) configurable for batteries and/or load • Constant power rectifiers to reduce battery recharge time • Remote monitoring via RS485 (optional TCP/IP, SNMP, Web,...) • Comprehensive system control functions Typical wiring diagram BLUE JAY TECHNOLOGY Factory Address(A): Moganshan Road 870, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Intentional Office Address(B): Building 13, 2-8, Jialing third village Pioneer Park, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China Email: Site:

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