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♦ BLUE JAY Electrical cabinet dehumidifier Electrical cabinet dehumidifier Introduction Typical wiring Technical characteristics High humidity environment is a big impact factor of power transmission and transformation equipment, it will bring discharge, flashover will eventually cause the switch to trip, even burning down equipment caused a large-scale blackout. Switchgear, electrical cabinet, exchange control cabinets, outdoor terminal boxes, Due to the compact internal equipment installation, wet and condensation will be more serious consequences. At present, most user choose heating, ventilation and other method to prevent condensation. but in some well sealed cabinet and high temperature enviorment, traditional heating and exhaust air method is hard to work well. Blue Jay company developed using semiconductor technology, in a certain place to lead controlled condensation, make the cabinet interior humidity fall to safe value. It designed ultra-small install size, high efficiency energy-saving, do not need extra heater and fan wiring. And comes with the data acquisition module for remote monitoring, It's an efficient and reliable device to replace the old thermostat and heater / fan combination. Working power Power supply Dehumidity power Heater power Mgsurementand Probe monitor range monitor accuracy Dehumidify range Dehumidify Capacity Heater start value Comm interface Main Features • Small size, easy for cabinet inside installation • Quickly reduce the switchgear internal humidity, exclude water out of air. • Condensate water will be drained directly to the outside of the cabinet by the aqueduct • Automatic & manual dehumidification free to change, temperature start value and dehumidification start value adjustable • Real-time sampling temperature and humidity, support automatically working mode, do not extra sensor and probe • Build in memory to record settings, can keep original working mode after power recover • With diagnosis function, user can quickly find failure point to debug • Shell and internal components are well isolation design, can work in high humidity and strong electromagnetic field • Optional passive output node • Optional RS485 port • Optional external heater Reserved Reserved Reserved Alarm NC Heater NO GND AUX Dehumidification effect contrast

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