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!"#$%&' ()$*+,#!"$-.-%/!-01.,& Intelligent storage system ---Sanji intelligent cutter storage

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Product advantages 24 hours automatic tool storage and delivery system Intelligent management+Database server+Client Management Software Efficient access management mechanism ◆ Quick warehousing - scan code positioning, automatic entry. Fast-to-use - paperless operation, large interface, and graphical operation. Data Statistics - inventory consumption statistics, detailed query, real-time inventory. System report-Supports remote access,Online printing,Or data export. Material Procurement-Suppliers can share inventory information remotely and prepare material in a timely manner. Blade...

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Smart Blade Cabinet - 6

Intelligent cutter storage instruction ◆ Blade receive Blade Return Receive by type , receive by equipment Receive by equipment, receive by parts Blade receiving query Recycle barcode Barcode print Blade query Blade return query Receive by procedure old for new service Intelligent cutting cabinet backstage management function ◆ System Function System Management: Organization Structure, Personnel, and Permission Roles. Material management, material maintenance, picking rules configuration. Smart counter inventory: Real-time monitoring of inventory of the counter, one-click fill, one-key...

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Enter the World of Warehouse Management Worthy of Your Reliable Intelligent Storage Service Provider CHENDU SANJI TECHNOLOGY CO.,L TD +86 15108221060(Jonathan) Address:No. 785 Middle Fourth Section of Airport Avenue, Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, Chengdu City Post code:610207 Tel: +86 15108221060 Fax:028-85880207 (Jonathan Huang)

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