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Strive to be the leader of the industry More information +86 18010501733 ChengDu SanJi-Technology Co.,Ltd Add: No.785 airport avenue,southwestairport economic development zone chengdu, sichuan,china ISO

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Dedicated to creating the third profit source for client Only customers,employees ,company grow order to maintain the company's success and development.

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The headquarters of Sanji company locates in the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, which covers nearly one hundred acres, and the construction area reach to 50,000 square meters,is one of the earliest manufacturer and supplier of station appliance and warehousing logistic china. As one professional station appliance manufacturer, Sanji people always insisting reality and innovation, with the first-class equipment and advanced management conception, Sanji service for customers from different countries。 As the industry leader, Sanji China is CCPIT member, one of the...

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Management Training Scientific management, system improvement, clear process, defintude ability! !High-level responsibility and mission for the efforts; middle management across the company to undertake, intentions to lead the staff; staff positions in their own "heart" to done. technology, manufacturing, sales, back office, logistics and all departments, from groups to individuals, let management systems and corporate culture deep inside, let the system eventually to standardize the process of the road, with responsibility for paving the future. Closely linked to business development goals...

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1:The company strictly according to 1S09001 :2000 quality system production. product quality is fully guaranteed 2:AII products are used by steel sheet of high quality domestic large enterprises 3:the products components welded with reference to the national o「 industry standards. ensuring uniform welds ,solid ,no lose weld 4:the product and its component parts are surface preparation and spray painting in the advanced automated assembly line to complete the coating quality in line with GB92865-88 standards Warrantly commitments: Brand of the most important is a service ideal, Sanji Always...

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Professional Equipment As the professional manufacturer of station appliance, Sanji own worldclass advanced equipment Advanced CNC turrent punch press CNC advanced electro-hydraulic servo synchronization Bending Machine Advanced surface treatment lines and electrostatic spraying production line Various types of advanced welding equipment Advanced production assembly line for shelves Advanced CNC profile rolling equipment Advanced NC plastic molding equipment

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Shelf Rack Shelf rack applies to artificially store and withdraw cargo from small parts to large volume especially for supermarkets, libraries, hospitals, logistics distribution center, warehouse storage facility, spare parts warehouse, etc. Wooden shelf Pull rod Diagonal support It adopts the structure which the upright and the beam are hung together, so the main and auxiliary rack can be freely assembled and disassembled easily. It can be used in conjunction with parts box and turnover box. In order to meet customer requirments, shelf rack can be made of spray steel, galvanized steel,...

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Beam Rack Back lever Beam Cross bracing Diagonal support Support frame Beam rack is one of the most widely used racks. In conjunction with pallets and forklifts trucks, the users can freely store and withdraw goods from each pallet. Therefore, beam rack is suitable for storing many varieties of cargo. Company can design different storage schemes for various special goods. According to different goods, when storage schemes are designed, we can add some accessories such as support bar, gear lever, barrier, upright protector, laminates, splitter plate, side stalls, resting block, signboard,...

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With huge storage volume, drive-in racks are composed by shelves of a continuous composition without middle channel. Forklift truck can go into the shelf to store and withdraw goods directly. Therefore, it is fit for storing large quantities and less va「ieties cargo such as refrigeration storage, dairy, beverage, etc Features: Double calf Single Calf With hitch and bolt connection mode, drive-in rack can be assembled and disassembled easily. The height of each layer can be adjusted by every 75mm and make use of the space reasonably. Abide by the principle of first-in-last-out. Storage mode:...

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Mezzanine Rack (Rack Platform, Steel Platform) Column piece Parition Side seal net Guardrail According to different storage forms, mezzanine rack can be designed into three types including attic racks (upstairs and downstairs are all racks), rack platfo『m (downstairs are racks and upstairs a「e platform), and steel platform (downstairs are upright and upstairs are platform). Mezzanine rack uses shelves to support the floor and is designed into a flexible multi layers (usually 2 to 3 layers) It is easer for accessing and management of goods. Mezzanine rack is suitable for higher warehouses,...

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The System of Auto Components Warehouse Rack Auto components warehouse rack is also known as 4S shop rack. It 1s specially designed for storing all sorts of big and small automobile components. Furthermore, with diverse storage location and delicate design, the tailor-made rack is the ideal choice for storage centers of Material Shelf automobile components and 4S shop Features: According to the characteristics of automobile brand and storeroom area, generally adopt assembling structure (mezzanine rack and medium rack) The load capacity of racks lo『each layer is between 200 and 400kg, Based...

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Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Rack The rails are divided into mechanical rail and magnetic rail. The structure of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) rack is similar to pallet rack structure except that both sides of aisles must be set ground orientation guard rails, which is used for guide forklift truck driving. Without serious requirement, VNA rack inherits the advantages of beam rack which has no strict requirements for the pallet storage layout, can make full use of warehouse space and height as well as greatly imp『ove storage efficiency Features Gear lever Tray Adopt the structure which the upright and...

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