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Strive to be the leader of the industry More information +86 18010501733 ChengDu SanJi-Technology Co.,Ltd Add: No.785 airport avenue,southwestairport economic development zone chengdu, sichuan,china ISO

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Dedicated to creating the third profit source for client Only customers,employees ,company grow order to maintain the company's success and development.

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The headquarters of Sanji company locates in the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, which covers nearly one hundred acres, and the construction area reach to 50,000 square meters,is one of the earliest manufacturer and supplier of station appliance and warehousing logistic china. As one professional station appliance manufacturer, Sanji people always insisting reality and innovation, with the first-class equipment and advanced management conception, Sanji service for customers from different countries。 As the industry leader, Sanji China is CCPIT member, one of the...

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Board Height(mm)

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进入仓储管理的世界 值得您信赖的智能存储服务商 Enter the World of Warehouse Management Worthy of Your Reliable Intelligent Storage Service Provider ChengDu SANJI TECHNOLOGY CO LTD Address: No. 785 Middle Fourth Section of Airport Avenue, Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, Chengdu City Post code: 610207 Tel: +86 15108221060(Jonathan Huang) +86 18010501733 Fax: 028-8588

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