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Strive to be the leader of the industry More information +86 18010501733 ChengDu SanJi-Technology Co.,Ltd Add: No.785 airport avenue,southwestairport economic development zone chengdu, sichuan,china ISO

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Dedicated to creating the third profit source for client Only customers,employees ,company grow order to maintain the company's success and development.

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SANJI-FIEST Technology The First Brand of intelligent Storage Device Station Apparatus Intelligent Storage Warehouse Logistic

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The headquarters of Sanji company locates in the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, which covers nearly one hundred acres, and the construction area reach to 50,000 square meters,is one of the earliest manufacturer and supplier of station appliance and warehousing logistic china. As one professional station appliance manufacturer, Sanji people always insisting reality and innovation, with the first-class equipment and advanced management conception, Sanji service for customers from different countries。 As the industry leader, Sanji China is CCPIT member, one of the...

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Management Training Scientific management, system improvement, clear process, defintude ability! !High-level responsibility and mission for the efforts; middle management across the company to undertake, intentions to lead the staff; staff positions in their own "heart" to done. technology, manufacturing, sales, back office, logistics and all departments, from groups to individuals, let management systems and corporate culture deep inside, let the system eventually to standardize the process of the road, with responsibility for paving the future. Closely linked to business development goals...

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IttSIS! Station Appliance Customized by customer, Free Combination SanJi Tool Hook The rim prevents the tool from slipping Intimate logo design Safety lock Slots and partitions to adjust the space inside the drawer Square Hole Hanging Plate Precision control lock Beautiful and practical handle ■ With 100mm polyurethane [ . . v " casters, the movement is lighter and more flexible, two orientations. two universal brake wheels Customize Your Exclusive product,Pls Call +86(028)15108221060 Or Login SanJi Give You the Best Suggetion SANJI Technology The Station Device Supplier...

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工位器具系列 Station Appliance 工位器具系列 Station Appliance SAN」I-FIRST Technology FCY-2006 Drawer configuration:100*1 150*2. 250*1 Cabinet Size:1118*570*755 It with Wheel diameter 100mm of Polyurethane casters, single track,Pull out the drawer 85%, Bear 80kg/layer.The left with two layers adjustive clapboard.central locking system with Drawer Configuration:100x2x2 It with Wheel diameter 100mm of Polyurethane central locking system with interlocking device interlocking device. File Cabinet FCY-2008 Cabinet Size:1118x570x755 It with Wheel diameter 100mm of Polyurethane casters,Each side of the pumping...

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Enter the World of Warehouse Management Worthy of Your Reliable Intelligent Storage Service Provider Haier'jkSc, Foxconn HINHUR HOOK China Shipbuilding Industry China Electronics Corporation ChengD u SANJI TECHNOLOGY CO LTD +86 15108221060 Address: No. 785 Middle Fourth Section of Airport Avenue, Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, Chengdu City Post code: 610207 Tel: +86 15108221060(Jonathan Huang) +86 18010501733 Fax: 028-85880207 E-mail:

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