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Intelligent Metering Cabinet Intelligent Management Quick Access

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01 R&D Background 02 Intelligent Metering Cabinet 03 Application Environment

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R&D BACKGROUND Policy Driven, Demand Expanded Industrial Internet is the basis for the development of intelligent manufacturing and can provide common infrastructure and capabilities; China has taken industrial Internet as an important infrastructure to provide support for industrial intelligence. “Industrial Internet” was proposed in 2012. The state issued a top-level plan for industrial Internet at the end of 2017. “Industrial Internet” was written into the Government Work Report in 2019, which means that industrial Internet has gradually entered the substantive implementation stage. It...

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R&D BACKGROUND Traditional Tool Cabinet Difficult Management/Slow Data Updating/Low Efficiency For any production link, how to quickly and conveniently collect, return, find and manage materials is a very important work for enterprises. The low accuracy of material management, low efficiency of material collection and return, messy work, high labor participation cost, untimely updating of material usage data, messy material management, etc. have seriously hindered the development of enterprises and have a direct impact on output value.

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02 Intelligent Metering Cabinet

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Sanji-First Intelligent Metering Cabinet

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 Product Introduction Sanji-First Intelligent Metering Cabinet SJ-FRST intelligent metering cabinet is mainly used for the collection and distribution of NC tools, CNC machining center tools, measuring tools, standard spare and accessory parts, etc. during the unattended management. In terms of collection, storage and recycling, the intelligent metering cabinet is composed of the body, database server and client management software to maximize the work efficiency, and can collect and return materials in a simple, convenient and rapid manner, read the quantity of materials in the drawer in...

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 Technical Highlight-Intelligence Metering Precision Batch Management  In grams, the precision is +/-1g  Background management system can simultaneously manage multiple devices onli

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 Intelligent Metering Cabinet-Intelligent Weighing, New Unlocking Management Skills Inherently Powerful Friendly HMI Multi-window mode, friendly interface Data statistics Inventory consumption statistics, detailed query, real-time inventory verification Inventory management Professional management platform, such as material inbound/outbound operation, material collection, inventory optimization, etc., is easy to operate. Data records Query all kinds of material operation records and provide real-time and accurate data. Management Technology Control Finger vein identification The...

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 Optional Cabinet Types Cabinet Type I Cabinet Type II Materials stored in a single drawer can refer to the total weight Materials stored in a single drawer can refer to the total weight Overall dimension of drawer: L220×H155×W345mm Overall dimension of drawer: L221×H142×W235mm Clearance dimension of drawer: L178×H100×W318mm Clearance dimension of drawer: L180×H87×W208mm Note: The display screen is installed above the cabinet body, and the cabinet can be used in combinations as required, that is, one main cabinet is equipped with auxiliary cabinets (the number of drawers is subject to the...

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SJ-FRST intelligent metering cabinet is suitable for unmanned management scenarios, such as aerospace, medical R&D, precision instrument processing, storage are, etc.

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Customization Service of More Products Sanji Technology sincerely invite various partners from all circles to witness the new era of “Intelligent Management”

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