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Pauwels supplies a wide range of custom-made power transformers: > Ү Small Power transformers up to 20 MVA / 69 kV > Medium power transformers > ή Large power transformers up to 575 MVA / 525 kV, 1675 BIL > Autotransformers up to 700 MVA / 750 kV, 1675 BIL > ή Generator step-up transformers (GSU) > Phase-shifting transformers up to 500 MVA / 525 kV > ή Traction transformers > Mobile transformers > ή Reactors > HVDC converter transformers > ή Rectifier transformers > Furnace transformers > ή Shunt reactors > Smoothing reactors > Once the power transformer windings are dried, they are hydraulically compressed to size in accordance with the calculated short-circuit forces to obtain the design height and to guarantee a perfect ability to withstand short-circuit effects. The pressure per winding required (up to 300 tonnes) is electronically controlled. 12 13 size="-1">

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Washington, Missouri, USAPauwels Transformers Inc. Aside from an extensive distribution transformer range, Pauwels Transformers Inc. also offers a reliable and cost-effective Small Power product line which includes pad-mounted, primary unit substation and secondary unit substation transformers up to 20 MVA / 69 kV. All Small Power transformers can be customized to meet various specific requirements from overloadability and low noise to reduced no-load loss and lower load loss. Mechelen, BelgiumPauwels Trafo Belgium N.V. (headquarters) In addition to its distribution and cast resin...

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