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last page.pdf table.main {} tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:4.90pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:6.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font2 { font:7.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font3 { font:8.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font4 { font:10.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } Double-cage Motors Double-cage rotor asynchronous induction motors for cement-mill drive One of the basic condition of the physical realization of the cement mill twin drives is the very careful design of the speed-torque curves. This solution guarantees safe starting of the mills, decreases the mechanical oscillation during starting and during operation, too. After the successful tests Beremend Cement Mills Co. decided a complete renewal-reengineering oftheir existing equipments and put into operation all of the 12 motors supplied by Ganz Transelektro at the beginning of 2002. Construction The three phase double-cage rotor asynchronous motor is adequate for direct starting. It has a completely closed stator with mounted air-to-air heat exchanger. The roller bearings are provided with automatic greasing. There are intern built-in SKF Vibrational Sensors. The stator winding has F thermal class VPI system insulation. There are Pt 100 winding thermometers provided. General application range Power: 500 kW-2500 kW Օ Frequency: 50-60 Hz Speed: 750-1800 rpm Օ Protection: IP 54 Cooling: IC 611 or other Smart solutions. Strong relationships. For the raw and cement ball-mill twin drives slip-ring or otherwound type rotor motors are used all overthe world. Ganz - first in the world - successfully broke this tradition with double squirrel cage motors supplied to Duna-Drՠva Cement Company at Beremend. This new solution is significantly cheaper also from the investment side compared to the traditional solutions. On one hand the double-cage motor is substantially cheaper than the slip-ring motor - on the other hand the costly starting equipment and the adherent short-circuiting switch together with the controller are not required. The usage ofour solution due to the low operational and maintenance costs further increase the adaptability of this new equipment. CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt. Rotating Machines Business Unit H-1095 Budapest Mariassy u. 7. Phone +36 1 483 6602 Fax +36 1 483 6637 E-mail Internet ADVANTAGES Low investment and service costs compared to slip-ring induction motors Օ Simple, robust rotor construction Long life expectancy Օ Minimum maintenance and service demand and supervising characteristic Advantageous starting conditions Օ Adequate for the driver of other similar equipment

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CG_COLOUR_MANUAL_for_CAPACTOR_S.PDF table.main {} tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:4.60pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:6.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font2 { font:9.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font3 { font:12.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font4 { font:13.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font5 { font:29.00pt "Trebuchet MS", sans-serif; } Main constructional features of the first rfrence ♦ Type: FTC 560K6 ♦ Power: 1400 kW ♦ Voltage: 6300 V ♦ Speed: 990 rpm ♦ Frequency: 50 Hz ♦ Nominal current (In): 153 A ♦ Efficiency: 96.5% ♦ Power factor: 0.87 ♦ Torque...

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