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56 > the ferromagnetic core6the windings10the active part12the tank14finishing operations and testing18 20 22 24 > low-noise transformers 25leakproof tanks and environmentally sound coolants26recyclable materials26radical exclusion of PCBs27electromagnetic compatibility27optimized use of raw materials27lower consumption of primary energy sources, due to the use of transformers with low losses27

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From its base in Mechelen, Belgium, Pauwels International N.V.acts as the overall holding company, defining the GroupҒs corporate strategy and coordinating the marketing of its entire product range. > This brochure provides informationabout Pauwels liquid-filled distribution transformers. Our distribution transformers are usually filled with mineral oil. As an alternative, silicone liquid or synthetic organic esters may be used as insulating medium and coolant. The Pauwels Group is a full-line supplier, offering a widerange of transformers consisting of:liquid-filled distribution...

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The reactive power dissipation can be lowered by limiting flux disturbances and minimizing air gaps in the joints between the core legsand the yokes. This is achieved by overlapping the core sheets while stack- ing them (see page 9 under Cutting and stacking of the core sheetsӔ). > Evolution of the quality of magnetic steel The cut of the core sheets and the material of the ferromagnetic core are optimized according to the desired no-load characteristics and the specified noise level. Extensive rationalization of the shape and the clamping devices enables us to produce a core with minimum...

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Cutting and stacking of the core sheets > Minimum magnetic flux distortion in the transition areas between yokes and core legs isachieved by optimizing the cut of the core sheets and the stacking pattern. First of all, the core sheets are cut at an angle of 45, thus allowing maximum flow of magnetic flux in the rolling direction. This is extremely important because losses in grain-oriented magnetic steel are smallest in the direction of rolling. Then the sheets are stacked inan overlap pattern of either single or multiple overlaps. The multiple overlap or step-lap methodoffers additional...

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HV LV Low voltage windings are usually made of copper or aluminium sheet conductor (foil). The benefit of this is that any high voltage ampere-turnasymmetry which might occur is compensated automatically byan appropriate internal current distribution in the low voltage foil. This reduces the axial stresses produced by short-circuits to a minimum(down to 10% of those for conventional windings), thus enabling the axialsupport construction to be greatly simplified. The sheets and connectors welded onto them are made of electrolyticallypure copper or aluminium with a rigorously guaranteed...

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Bushings are mounted on thecover, which is then fixed onto theassembled active part. The nextstep consists of connecting thewindings to the bushings.The connection methods are durable and selected so as to ensure a solid, low-resistance connection betweenthe linked conducting materials, including junctions between aluminium and copper components. Transformers are often fitted with an off-circuit tap changer. This switch allows the increase or decrease ofa certain number of turns while the transformer is disconnected from the circuit. Small variations in the nominal supply voltage can be...

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It forms a container for the cooling liquid. It acts as a heat exchange surface for the dissipation of heat losses.It is a protective, earthed safety shell.It provides shielding against electromagnetic field leakage caused by current-carrying conductors. The insulating liquid cannot come into contact with the air, thus guaranteeing preservation of its dielectric integrity. Reduced maintenance, e.g. no checking required of the air dryer, no need to monitor the liquid for water ingress, etc.They are cheaper to buy. They occupy a smaller space, leaving more room for connections incompact...

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After welding, the tank is shot-blasted to remove any surface impurities, leaving a clean prepared surface for maximum adhesion of the paint coating.Air-drying paint is then applied by spraying or flooding.An alternative painting technique is electrostatic powder coating, which is used for tank covers andcable boxes and also for complete tanks in some factories. Where powder coating is employed, furtherchemical processes are needed before the powdercoating is applied.Several coats of paint are applied, to a total thicknessof at least 100 microns, thus guaranteeing adequateprotection against...

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Measurement of voltage ratios.Vector group test. Measurement of high voltage and low voltage winding resistances. Dielectric test of high voltageand low voltage winding(s) (1 minute at rated withstandvoltage and nominal frequency). This test is also known as the applied overvoltage testӔ and is intended to check the insulation of one winding from all other transformer components.Double voltage test (1 minute at double voltage and doublefrequency) induced via the low voltage winding. This is also known as the induced overvoltage testӔ and isdesigned to check the insulation within each...

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In addition to standard transformer types for distribution applications, Pauwels also builds special transformers for industrial applications. These non-standard types are the result of extensive product development based on constant monitoring and evaluation of changing customer needs in the various market segments. In some cases, special customer requirements have also led to the development of a new product with its own characteristics. Our special distribution transformers have special mechanical and/or electrical characteristics. In the majority of cases, these particular transformer...

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A growing importance is attached tothe negative aspects of technology on people and the environment in modern society. The potentially disturbing or hazardous aspects of transformers include: Low-noise transformers > In many countries, there are strictlimits on the noise levels whichmay be generated by trans-formers in both urban and rural locations. The primary source ofthe noise produced is the alternating magnetization of thecore steel, while the current-carrying windings contribute onlya limited amount. Pauwels uses avariety of techniques to limit noiselevels drastically, the most...

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