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Apollo Mixow mixed circulation multiple effect continuous evaporator

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APOLLO MIXFLOW - Mixed circulation multiple effect continuous evaporator Mixed circulation multiple effect continuous evaporator Apollo Mixow The Apollo Mixflow evaporator is a concentration unit suitable for multiple effect evaporation by means of mixed circulation (upward/downward) in the effects at lower concentration and by means of downward forced circulation in the first effect of concentration. It can be designed in double or triple effect concentration version. It is provided with high efficiency circulation pumps with open impeller which allow the processing of highly viscous...

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Fields of application The Apollo Mixow evaporator is conceived for the concentration of: • tropical fruit puree (mango, guava, passion fruit, …) • mediterranean fruit puree (peaches, apricots, apples, pears, plums, ...) • purees of all red fruit and berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, ...) • Hot-Break and Cold-Break tomato juice. The main features are the decrease in working temperatures and in product residence times, together with a particularly reduced energy consumption. This evaporator represents the best choice for the concentration of tropical and mediterranean fruit and...

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APOLLO MIXFLOW - Mixed circulation multiple effect continuous evaporator Introduced innovations and applied patents • mixow Apollo evaporation system is an absolute innovation in the eld of evaporators. In particular, the most innovative technologies applied are: • Heat exchange by means of integrated upward/downward mixed ow. • Heat exchange under downward biphasic conditions. • “Annular chamber” liquid/vapour separator, centrifugal induced type. The Apollo Mixow also uses the new technology of the mixedow heat exchange. This technology ensures that the uid to be concentrated reaches a...

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• One surface condenser to condensate the acid vapours extracted from the evaporation chambers. • One liquid ring vacuum pump to keep the vacuum in the plant. • Group for the discharge of condensate from the rst effect heat exchanger • Piping for product, acid condensates and acid vapours. • Access staircase and gangways. • Electric panel composed of two sections: - Control panel - Panel on the machine Supervision system of Apollo Mixow in double and triple effects.

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APOLLO MIXFLOW - Mixed circulation multiple effect continuous evaporator Concentration system The concentration systems normally consist of some modules, or “effects”, arranged in cascade. Each effect is composed of at least two basic parts: the heat exchanger and the separator. In Apollo Mixow evaporator, the heat exchanger is directly positioned on the separator (following the scheme already patented by CFT for the “VENUS” model concentration system) with double passage of product: a rst upward passage and a second downward passage. The separator is of the centrifugal type with annular...

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reduction of the operating temperatures are the key elements for the quality of the nished product. Advantages and strengths • Signicant reduction of power installed on the circulation pumps. • Particularly limited and compact dimensions of the plant, thanks to the fact that the single effects are self-supporting and do not require additional metal supporting structures. • Much higher efciency during temperature exchange compared with the traditionally used technologies. • Reduced resident times of product in the plant, thanks to the reduction of circulation circuits and the shape of the...

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