CENO Waveguide rotary joint WG284-284-I-01


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WG284-284-I-01 Wave Guide RF Rotary Joint High frequency, coaxial, and wave guide rotary joints are specially developed to meet the requirements of high-speed serial digital or analog signal transmission. This series of products support single or multi channel high-frequency signal transmission alone, as well as high-frequency signals and control signal, communication signal, power source, fluid medium mixed transmission, perfect VSWR. Optional ♦ Frequency range ♦ Channel number ♦ Current rating ♦ Signal type Features ♦ Support 1~2channel RF Channel ♦ Low insertion loss and voltage standing wave ratio ♦ Can combine power signal transmitting Applications ♦ Radar antenna ♦ Microwave antenna test bench ♦ Ship-borne

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