CENO Waterproof Slip Ring ECN050-10P2-14S-A-IP65


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CENO Waterproof Slip Ring ECN050-10P2-14S-A-IP65 - 1

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,LtdECN050-10P2-14S-A-IP65 Waterproof Slip Ring The waterproof slip ring is specially developed for underwater and various harsh environments, it can work under water100m and load -bearing ,high temperature resistance,anti-corrosion.according to different fields, the protection grade IP65-IP68 is optional. Features ♦ Protection grade up to IP65 ♦ Transmit power and signal simultaneously ♦ Compact size, high level of integration, a variety of application needs Applications ♦ Automation equipment ♦ Communication equipment ♦ Filling machine ♦ Drilling platform Optional ♦ Circuit number ♦ Current rating ♦ IP protection grade ♦ Signal type Outline Drawing stator side rotor side 2-9.5 0-4 rotor wire stator wire Aluminum collar nng with 4s screws for shan mount

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