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ECN008-02P Waterproof Slip Ring Waterproof slip ring is able to work at any hard environment ,such as under water, it has high IP protection ,so it can anti- moist,anti-corrosion .as for applications ,it can be widely used in oil well grilling platform,marine. the waterproof slip ring could be divided into multiple protection grade, such as IP65,IP67,IP68 and so on. The protection grade design and material selection for the slip ring is associated with working environment liquid ingredients, such as sea water, fresh water oil etc. Features ♦ High safety ,anti-corrosion ♦ Low friction, long life,Low torque, smooth rotation ♦ High IP protection level Applications ♦ Beer machine filling machine ♦ Oil well ♦ Drilling platform Optional ♦ Through hole size ♦ Circuit &current rating ♦ IP protection grade

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